Amazon seek brands for pop-up stores as they embrace omnichannel approach

By Sasha Fedorenko August 9, 2019 - 4:55 pm

Amazon are seeking brands to show off their offering in the soon-to-launched pop-up stores in the UK as the marketplace are embracing the omnichannel approach with tomorrow’s opening of a pop-up shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Amazon are planning to plant seven pop-up shops across the country and inviting businesses to exhibit their products by applying as a seller here.

The UK’s third pop-up store concept called Click and Mortar supported by Amazon announced its launch in Edinburgh’s Waverley Mall to help 20 online brands debut a physical touch experience.

The physical store idea, supported by Square and Direct Line for Business as well as Enterprise Notion will see brands changing fortnightly to give pure players a chance to represent their product offering in-store.

The pop-up shop is set to temporary run from the 10th of August and until the 13th of September to enable shoppers to buy directly from their favourite pureplay small businesses including Second Nature, Okay Cokey, Wee Blue Coo, eStockCo, Splash White Water Rafting, Las delicias, Angels’ Share Glass, Pretty Pink Jewellery, The Native State, Trtl and more.

The Clicks and Mortar stores are currently up and running in Manchester and Cardiff and will appear in seven other UK cities. The campaign is built on the wider idea of helping pure players scale in the online and physical environment with the support of business advisors.

The move highlights Amazon’s efforts to support brands in a test-and-learn approach with temporary offline stores, giving them a taste of offline retailing to see how much their business model is compatible with the bricks-and-mortar world.

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