Alibaba, adidas, Fortnum & Mason and to headline marketplace-retailer partnerships keynote at IRC 2019

By Sasha Fedorenko August 2, 2019 - 4:41 pm

Leading ecommerce players including Alibaba, adidas, Fortnum & Mason and are set to start the ball rolling at IRC 2019 by headlining a discussion focused on the ‘win-win’ scenario of emerging marketplace-retailer partnerships.

The retail quartet looks to set eyes on the new retail model. It sees a swift of what retailers used to consider the competition. Retail players are joining their forces with marketplaces to win customers rather separating to rival their counterparts. As a result, the ‘better together, than apart’ phenomenon sees both parties benefiting equally. That is, retailers get a larger exposure to their products, and marketplaces woo shoppers with a large selection of distinct products.

To explore this developing business model, Ian Jindal, co-founder and editor in chief of Internet Retailing, Stephen Dowling, vice president, digital growth of adidas, Zia Zareem-Slade, customer experience director of Fortnum & Mason, and Jo Jackson, chief creative Officer of as well as David Lloyd, managing director, UK & Nordics of Alibaba Group will share their thoughts in a panel discussion at IRC 2019.

The panel discussion named ‘Better together: Exploiting partnerships between retailers, brands, consumers and marketplaces’ will aim to explore the rising marketplace-retailer partnerships and their effect on the consumerism. Join the 10:15 am pre-coffee break discussion at Internet Retailing Conference 2019.

You can find out more about InternetRetailing Conference programme, and find out more about the event, where exhibitors showcase the latest retail technology in an exhibition, and where delegates can get practical advice on key technologies through a series of hands-on workshops.

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