Tmall welcomes luxury brand Michael Kors to debut in China

By Sasha Fedorenko July 19, 2019 - 10:44 am

A luxury US brand Michael Kors have announced the launch of a digital flagship store on Tmall and the Tmall Luxury Pavilion, Alibaba Group’s dedicated platform for luxury and premium goods.

The move marks the brand’s first ecommerce channel in China.

Michael Kors say Tmall serves as the main gateway to debuting products to 700 million Chinese consumers on the platform. Shoppers in East Asia will be able to purchase the brand’s luxury products available exclusively on Tmall.

The American brand attributes the launch to the increasing demand for luxury goods amongst Chinese clientele.

Michael Kors are already working towards building customer-centric strategies designed for Chinese consumers. The brand’s expansion into China will see a series of events, dedicated to celebrating their presence in the new market.

Michael Kors are planning to celebrate their establishment in China with the launch of a new capsule collection to honour the Chinese Valentine’s Day, on the 7th of August. The collection will boast graffiti-inspired clothing, handbags, footwear, jewellery and watches.

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Launched in 2014, the purpose of Tmall Global was to make it easier for merchants outside China to get their goods to the burgeoning ecommerce shopping population in China.


Alibaba is China’s biggest online commerce company that offers consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales.

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