‘Prime cancel’ searches spike signals challenge for Amazon

By Sasha Fedorenko July 24, 2019 - 1:35 pm

Prime Day 2019 saw a significant rise of the consumer search for ‘Prime cancel’ highlighting the challenge for Amazon to retain loyal members against a new shopper trend of ‘sign-up and leave.’

According to the Prime Day 2019 analysis by Hitwise, Prime Day 2019 was yet another triumphant peak. It saw the number of Amazon buyers and transactions on Prime Day accelerating to an impressive +20% year-on-year (Yoy) rate. More than 8.6 million transactions were processed, leading to Amazon’s highest conversion rate at 9.0%.

This year, Prime Day experienced a wave of new Prime members. Each day of the 48-hour shopping event saw the Prime subscription page accepting 84,000 new members. That’s a 147% year-on-year (YoY) growth.

However, as the annual promotional peak saw the increase of loyalty, it also experienced a spike in “Prime cancel” searches over the two-day shopping activity.

The 52% of YoY increase points to the rise of savvy shoppers aiming to avoid the value of exchange programme, which makes shoppers pay for the Prime membership to take advantage of the Prime Day sales. The phenomenon sees the possibility of shoppers double-dealing the system by signing up to Prime membership during the shopping event in a bid to bag sales and abandoning the subscription to avoid long-term costs.

  • Mark
    12 months ago

    Amazon may realise soon that their new Seller Fulfilled Program is killing the reason and benefit of people having prime membership.
    The old system(a month ago) allowed 2 day shipping and next day shipping to the seller meaning a difference of just over £1.40 shipping costs.
    Now amazon say no just next day and if its not viable add the cost to your item so.

    Previously we offered an Item at £20 Prime now its £21 Prime or we go back to £20 and just free shipping at our 2 day rate
    So our customers are saying we pay monthly for Prime and now we are charged an extra £1 whats the point of having Prime

    Plus they can still select 2 day delivery because they may not be in on a Monday for instance and want it Tuesday then they miss it because it arrives Monday.
    Now they are angry as they planned to be in Tuesday and now have to go to a local postal depot. After all you don’t book a fridge to be delivered on a day before you are going to be in.
    Amazon think over performing is good well these complaints prove its not.

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