Pinterest video commerce launch to ‘spark inspiration’ for brands

By Sasha Fedorenko July 11, 2019 - 12:32 pm

Pinterest have announced the launch of Pinterest video commerce feature to “spark inspiration” for brands. The tool is now available for businesses in “all English-speaking countries” and set to expand globally.

The move will see top brands displaying products and services, how-to guides and tutorials in a video form.

Pinterest attributes the new video tool launch to the increased (31%) searches for “inspirational videos” since last year.

The inspirational social media channel say the new feature boats an improved uploader, video tab, lifetime analytics, and Pin scheduling.

An updated video uploader enables businesses and creators to seamlessly upload video directly to Pinterest to engage with new and existing audiences.

How to use the tool?

  • A new video tab on business profiles makes it possible for brands to feature all their videos in one place for added discovery.
  • On Pinterest, videos surface and resurface over time and don’t disappear with a feed, meaning the lifespan of a video is evergreen. Pinterest are also introducing new video analytics for businesses to view lifetime views so that they can get insights into the performance of their video over time.
  • Businesses and Creators can now also schedule video content in advance through the Pin Scheduler tool.
  • With Pinterest video features, UK retail brand John Lewis and Partners has helped boost brand awareness by 20% and increased purchase intent by 33%, according to a Millward Brown Brand Uplift Study.

Videos trending on Pinterest

Pinterest say there is an increasing demand for how-to videos. This sees the swift of customer experience, which aims to promote products but also inspire and educate. The onus is on sellers to adopt a flexible manner to move intact with evolving consumers’ preferences.

Video trending searched videos on Pinterest include:

  • Hair dye videos +276%
  • Curling hair with flat iron videos +129%
  • Makeup tutorial videos +2063%

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