Huboo Black Box Hubs – Inhouse outsourced fulfilment

By Chris Dawson July 8, 2019 - 11:00 am

Today we wrote about Huboo, fulfilment company with a difference. They have broken down their fulfilment warehouse space into smaller ‘Hubs’, with dedicated ‘Hub’ managers. This enables a real, personal link to be established between the Hub managers and the businesses they serve, as clients are in touch with the team who are personally picking and packing their products but they also offer a Huboo Black Box Hubs solution for brands and retailers wishing to keep operations on their own site.

Larger clients are allocated multiple hubs, so the hub system scales beautifully as clients scale. For clients it’s almost like having their own mini fulfilment warehouse, but with all the advantages of the wider Huboo ecosystem. It doesn’t stop there however, for many brands and retailers, fulfilment is part and parcel of their business but often fulfilment is geared around stores and shipping in bulk. When ecommerce comes along with marketplace orders needing products fulfilled one at a time to individual consumers, picking products along side bulk pallet fulfilment needs a different approach.

That’s why Huboo Black Box Hubs have been created – rather than a hub within Huboo’s own warehouse, a fully functional Huboo hub can be “dropped” onto your premises. Huboo handle the software integrations and your products come off your production lines, enter the Hub at one end and client sales go out the other.

Huboo provide fully trained staff or train your staff, as you wish and as your ecommerce operations expand more hubs can be dropped alongside the first, or deployed at your other locations.

Many brands and retailers already operate totally separate warehouses for their ecommerce fulfilment requirements, or operate a segmented warehouse within a warehouse. Huboo can fast track this process for you and lower the investment cost in proving an ecommerce operation which is viable before investing in a full blown warehouse operation and staff.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Huboo Black Box Hubs, you’ll find more information on their website or you can simply call Huboo on 01722 444 025.

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