Honest Alexa- Is there anything good happening on Prime Day this year?”

By Chris Dawson July 15, 2019 - 10:00 am

There was a time when eBay and Amazon studiously avoided any mention of each other – yes they were competitors but acknowledging the existence of the other wasn’t the done thing. That changed at eBay when Devin Wenig took control of eBay and the gloves have been off ever since with campaigns such as Fill your cart with colour When did shopping become so beeeeeeeeeeeige – a dig at Amazon’s brown boxes compared with eBay’s colourful branded packaging. Now, eBay have launched a spoof Amazon Alexa video asking Honest Alexa if there is anything good happening on Prime Day this year.

Honest Alexa of course talks about the great deals available on in the eBay Crash Sale – a reference to the Amazon marketplace crashing on Prime Day 2018. Honest Alexa in the video isn’t a device sat on the kitchen counter, but is the cutesy smart daughter and, in what is no accident, is dressed in Amazon’s dark and light blue colours. No detail has been missed so watch out for Honest Alexa’s Amazon blue nail polish and earrings, not to mention the Alexa necklace.

Straight in answering the question “What is Prime Day”, Honest Alexa describes Prime Day as a made up holiday to to get people excited about their “parade” of deals with a dig that ‘At least real parades don’t charge a membership fee’.

With Amazon promising over a million deals world wide, Honest Alexa describes them as mostly deals on a bunch of random stuff that nobody really wants and then goes on to talk about the deals in the eBay Crash Sale – not a million deals but things like smart phones, gaming systems and shoes.

You can check out the Crash Sale here, meanwhile in the UK eBay have launched a 20% off coupon for Electronics and Home & Garden products from selected sellers, which runs until the 19th July 2019.

There’s a minimum purchase price of £25 and only valid against products from a list of eligible sellers but you can use the coupon up to three times per account. The coupon code is PARTY with the maximum discount you can receive set at £100 per redemption.

It’s no surprise to see eBay promoting sellers in the Home & Garden category – apart from it being one of the hottest categories at this time of year, it’s a category eBay are heavily focusing on with new mandatory Item Specifics applying as of the 10th of July.

Currently there are 56 sellers included in the promotion, but eBay say that more may be added on Monday

eBay 20% off PARTY sellers

Cloud Nine Furniture
Crampton and Moore
De’Longhi Direct
Ebuyer Express Shop
Lumberjack UK Sales Outlet
Hi-tech Electronics UK
Home Discount Ltd
Hotpoint Official Store
Hot Tub Master Hot Tubs
Hyundai Power Equipment Direct
IJ Interiors
Indesit Official Store
KitchenAid Outlet
Laptop Outlet Ltd
Mattress Haven
mercers furniture
musicMagpie Shop
The Best Laptop Deals Around
Stock Must Go
UK Home Shopping
Wido UK
WJD Store
XS Items Outlet
  • Steve
    12 months ago

    Honest eBay?
    Cassini, honest? Pay to be ranked, honest? Items from China pretending to be in the UK, honest? False VAT numbers all over top ranking search results, honest? Facilitating returns fraud, honest? Blocking sellers from warning other sellers about fraudulent buyers, honest? Shutting people out of their forums, honest?

    • Jonah
      12 months ago

      An additional few Steve……
      Pay for concierge service …… honest? No seller protection whatsoever…… honest? Profiting from buyer returns program …. honest?
      The list goes on, the money grab continues….. honest!!

  • Dav
    12 months ago

    eBay is the furthest from honesty a company could achieve. But you can be sure they’re delighted at what they’ve become. So delusional and out of touch with reality, it’s hilarious and sickening at the same time.

    What happens if Amazon doesn’t have a single issue with the massive number of customers they’ll have? Because unlike eBay, Amazon actually takes steps trying to remedy past problems and issues. It would make eBay look like complete fools for making this Crash sale their marketing campaign and trying to take aim at Amazon. But I guess eBay is willing to risk looking like complete fools. It shows desperation. eBay is incapable of saving themselves because of the stupidity of their management. They’ll continue to dig their own grave.

    • alan paterson
      12 months ago

      with respect Dave – you are the one who is delusional and out of touch with reality.

      You are obviously a very small seller or completely inexperienced to come up with the (trash) conclusions you write above.

    • Dav
      12 months ago

      @alan paterson Your response is highly conceited like most eBay supporters. Oh good for you, you must be a “big time” seller or so you claim. You’re another of those “it’s not happening to me so it must not be happening to anyone else” schmucks. I’m an experienced former seller on eBay. Tell me what has eBay done to improve anything at all, in say the last 10 YEARS? Nothing. The site, sales, and buyers have dried up for many while eBay continues to drive up fees and try to convince sellers into paying them even more for what amounts to nothing. Do your homework before you try to say something about the trainwreck that eBay has become.

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      @ dav, oh and by the way if I was to write all the things that ebay have done right and improved the platform in the last ten years I would be here all day. But you can refer to my previous posts on Tamebay. If you think its “zero” then you are a moron.

      can I say “moron” on here?

      lets see……..

  • alan paterson
    12 months ago

    yesterday eBay protected me from 2 fraudulent buyers who had abused the return policy.

    The case experts made sure I was not out of pocket while simultaneously refunding the buyers (as they could not be “seen” to be taking sides).

    refunding both buyer and seller? Yes very honest. I don’t see any other platforms do this. I give this as just one small example. I could write all day on ebays diligent efforts to make things fair/right.

    its as if you guys above are talking about a different company. lots of words to describe eBay. “dishonest” is not one of them.

    • Dav
      12 months ago

      @alan paterson Oh sure they did. If so that would be rare. Customer service is normally useless and a waste of time. You CLEARLY don’t have a clue how eBay operates do you? Have you ever read the eBay Community board? How about comment sections on this site? Or many other ecommerce sites? eBay is a freaking disaster and you sound just like one of the cheerleaders on their community board always do. Your opinion is in the small minority. Those are the facts.

    • Steve
      12 months ago

      Do you really think eBay is honest or fair because they allowed a refund to stand, whilst reimbursing you?
      1/ They have done this in the past for me. But you have to put it into context that I had to go to a lot of effort to achieve this, as I expect you did too? Emails, phone calls, taking photograph – establishing you facts. I think it is far from satisfactory:
      2/ The scamming buyer has won. You haven’t lost i n the short term, but we all lose in the long term.
      3/This is a denigration of the market and accelerates an entitlement culture amongst buyers. Buyers are entitled to get what they ordered, and get excellent service from sellers. But they are not entitled to return their old junk in replacement for what you sent them – at your expense – or return empty boxes. eBay facilitate this.
      4/ Once it becomes public knowledge that a few are getting away with this kind of thing, it attracts people who want to abuse the platform.

      Some people just want to make money in the short term so the objective to make the money now, at any cost. That goes for sellers and eBay themselves. One thing many people believe, including (by some accounts) the board of eBay, that the current CEO is one of those short-term, short-sighted types. But at least be honest, don’t decide yourself that eBay is ‘fair’ or ‘honest’. In the 20 years I have used eBay one thing I can say from both sides is that eBay is not fair or honest, and those principles are usually so far down on their agenda the meeting has ended and everyone gone home before the chair raises the topic.

      Refunding these ‘buyers’ is the opposite of honesty.

    • Toby
      12 months ago

      Alan, I don’t know you or even if you run a ebay business, but i want to know how much you are slipping ebay for that protection?!
      I have been on ebay for 12 years, currently turn over nearly £300k a year on ebay and have over 33k feedback… so im not a newbie or a back room seller. Now my experience of ebay seems to be very different to yours, in fact most fo the other businesses ( often much larger than mine) also seem to be different to you. Let me give you a run down of a few of our ebay cases and how ebay have protected me…
      1, faulty return. Item was described as having drainage holes in it. description clearly stated this, packaging clearly stated this…. buyer refused to belive me, said it was faulty and opened a case. Now strangely i have to wait until it is closed in their favour and i get a punishment mark before i can appeal it. I can try and challenge it first, but that just leads to an automated win for the buyer within about 2 mins. So i contact ebay appeals and show them the listing, a photo of the packaging detailing the drainage holes and even a screen shot of the manufacturers website… The result? The same old ‘as we can’t see the product sent etc we can’t get involved and so think it best that we pay for the buyers return etc…’ This is pretty standard response in our experience.
      So we had to pay for the return, get a defect mark, refund the buyer for a cover that came back in a shoddy state and was unsaleable. The buyer got what they wanted which was a refund, free return etc… proberly bought the wrong size. WHERE IS THE PROTECTION YOU SPEAK OF?
      2, Customer changes mind. Sends item back ( pays own postage!) Item received… empty box. We challenge them, they deny it and ebay forces a refund. We show ebay the courier details on outwards post (Their weight record of 9kg). We show them courier details back… (900g). We show them the weight details from the listing and manufacturers website….. The result? Yep, they said there was nothing they could do as we have received the item back!!! I ask how it went from 9kg to 900g…. again a simple nothing we can do. WHERE IS MY RPOTECTION?
      3, Customer buys a 15ft cover for a inflatable ring pool, then complains that it has a split in it. We send another out to them upon seeing a picture of the split. Customer receives cover and then opens as return as does not fit their ‘FRAMED POOL’. I ask if they meant to buy a framed cover in the first place as listing shows both ring and frame options, they confirm they did. So i tell them that if they tried to stretch a ring pool cover over a framed pool it would have split and so the original wasn’t faulty but incorrectly used and so they were responsible for the damage and so fraudulantly requested a replacement.
      They calmly stated that the one they wanted to return and get a refund on was not used so there was no issue!! i reminded them that technically that one was not theirs but ours as it has been obtained in a way which breached ebay rules…. they simply said hard luck and sent it back. Cut a long story short, i showed ebay the message thread, proving it had been ripped by the buyer in the first case as so they shouldnt have had a replacement and so weren’t entitled to a refund as alll that had happened is we had our item lawfully back. Usual drivel from ebay and full refund given to buyer. AGAIN WHERE WAS MY PROTECTION GIVEN I HAD EVIDENCE PROVIDED BY THE BUYER TO BACK MY CLAIM!?

      I could go on here, but let’s just say that out of the last 20 buyer cases that i have fought with actual evidence, i have won just 3. Of those 3, all of them resulted in the buyer still getting a refund and ebay refunding me as well…. So obviously fraud does pay… and it is out of seller fees that it comes! Strangely our rate of INR and claims etc is currently running about 20 to 1 against our other selling platforms when you take volume of sales into consideration to make it fair.
      If you commit an act of fraud on ebay the odds are heavily stacked in your favour with regards to getting away with it. So much so that i feel like i should change my business model to just becominga scam buyer.
      JUST GO ON OVER TO THE EBAY DISCUSSION BOARDS AND GO ON BUSINESS SELLERS… Then tell us we are imagining it and idiots

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      @ Dav, its not rare. In fact its rare for ebay NOT to do this. Although admittedly I have had a few of these cases recently where ebay ruled against me that I was disappointed with. But dishonest? no that’s certainly not the word to use.

      I agree with your point Steve – the fraudulent buyer is winning but ebay do track this and will take action against the account (eventually) if the buyer persists.

    • 12 months ago

      @Steve | Dav

      I am not a fan of eBay, there are many things wrong with the site and Customer support, much the same as on Amazon or trying to deal with FaceBook or Google Shopping.

      Refunds & abuse: It does feel like you are being penalised when eBay give refunds to buyers that you know are wrong, it has happened to me. I have also had eBay refund me when I won a case.

      If a buyer claims you sent an empty box, they are believed, if you claim that a buyer returned an empty box they say they do not see what was returned.

      But there is one important point that many people moaning do not understand, that is “The customer is always right”, even if they are wrong!

      Why? Because bank / credit card companies will always fall on the side of the buyer. eBay could refuse to refund a buyer but they simply turn to their bank / card company to get it, much like some don’t bother with eBay going straight to PayPal.

      Not forgetting that “Distant Selling Regulations” also stand behind the buyer.

      eBay know this, Paypal know this and scammers know this.

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      @ Toby. I do not ‘slip” Concierge anything for this protection. And your implication is to be quite frank – childish. thats just my experience and as I said before – it sounds like many on this thread are talking about a different company as the testimonies differ so much from my experience of ebay.

      I dont want to get into a pissing contest but yes, I DO sell on ebay, I have been doing ebay longer than you, and have significantly larger feedback than you and (judging from your post) significantly more experience.

      I dont think I accused anyone on this thread of being an “idiot” or “imagining things” but I will say it now. Only an idiot would try to win a discussion by quoting words and phrases the other party did not state OR question credibility with no background knowledge.


    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      @ Dav

      to quite you “I CLEARLY don’t have a clue how eBay operates”

      I HAVE ONLY BEEN DOING IT FULL TIME FOR 17 YEARS. I detest people trying to win an argument by trying to discredit others. They are usually inexperienced and slow minded with the wits of a nat.

      Come back and speak to me Dav when you have been doing ebay for 2 decades as your full time income.

      I know more about ebay than ebay! ha! (oh dear thats a bit arrogant). (but true) 🙂

  • 12 months ago

    We work with hundreds of eBay sellers every year, so we see issues from a site wide perspective, and find that often eBay is fair and honest in its approach.
    We also find that many of our clients see sales increases year on year. They are not generally bigger sellers, but undoubtedly eBay requires consistent attention to make a success of it.
    As we also work with sellers on Amazon, Etsy and other platforms, we know their forums are also full of sellers complaining about various issues – it’s not just eBay.

    • steve
      12 months ago

      The point here is eBay have suggested Amazon are dishonest. When if you look at eBay, try searching for an everyday item, check the box for UK seller only, you then have to sift through loads, weeding out those with fake VAT numbers, 2 week delivery times (inland???) … all saying they are in the UK, but clearly are not.
      When eBay search results promote such dishonesty, how dare they point the finger at another platform?

  • Mark
    12 months ago

    Refunding sellers and buyers at each occasion is the biggest most stupid mistake eBay make.

    So Mr Patterson you are obviously an eBay entrepreneur, multi billionaire, multi national eBay seller of huge amounts of products at 100 years of age trading on eBay for 99 years of those to become so experienced in all things eBay. Unfortunately eBay states its there for the small and large sellers but you seem to blow smoke up their backside and state only big sellers count.

    When a buyer acts fraudulently and eBay see they have they are all nicey nicey to you the seller on the phone. Telling you that yes they see the buyer has misused the returns process, or yes they have made a fraudulent claim.
    The refunding you so you are not out of pocket. That’s all great so far. Then they go and do the same to the buyer.
    Well not exactly the same because added onto the act of refunding, is the clear indication that this behaviour will go unpunished and get you what you wanted in the first place.
    So eBay is your friend and the naughty bad seller was wrong in what they communicated to you, look here is the money you wanted. Please move onto the next unsuspecting seller and do it again.

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      @ mark. what preposterous conclusions!? what evidence do you have that I am a multi billionaire although we do sell to other countries and ebay hasn’t been going 100 years!? I will say again – absolutely preposterous.

    • Ross
      12 months ago

      @ mark. Paterson is a savant so will take what you say very literally . He does not do sarcasm. He does have over 200,000 feedback across his shops and helped my business 2 years ago when we were almost about to close. People would do well to listen to him . He IS very arrogant (sorry Alan) but can afford to be. I smile when people attack him on here. Hi Alan – not heard from you in while!

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      Hi Ross, how are you!

      that’s me you, Tyler and Laura. 4 sensible people on one thread!? maybe the non-bay haters will be a majority one day……one day.

      who was being sarcastic? I dont do sarcasm. why would folk say opposite from what they mean?! not best way of winning a discussion / argument. lot of idiots on here.

    • Ross
      12 months ago

      Where have you been Alan?

  • Toby
    12 months ago
  • Mark
    12 months ago

    @ Ross

    maybe he is good on ebay but even a totally inwardly looking arrogant person with half a brain that disrespects sellers because they are small surely realises he was small at day 1.

    Or maybe not. Maybe he is the Godfather/Granddaddy of eBay sellers and is showing his age and has the old dementia creeping in so he has forgotten everyone starts somewhere even he did.

    The size of a business on eBay should not affect the integrity of the platform or anything else.

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      @ mark

      Yes, I am good at ebay. that is what I am confessing here.
      hello? are you there? anyone home?
      this thread IS about ebay after all. no? did you get confused.

  • mark
    12 months ago

    Alans way or an idiot i rest my case!!!!!!!!!

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      so you have closed the case against me Mark! oh……. you hypocrite. isn’t that what you are accusing ebay of? im shocked.

      Oh, I hate hypocrites. Almost more than sellers hating on the platform they are selling on (doh) not having the awareness that they are damaging their own business. jeeeez.

      Anyway, I’m off to practice my cheerleading. My skimpy ebay top and red blue and yellow pom poms just arrived from Amazon. 🙂

      I just need to get my moves right ……….

      it would be pleasant to come on here once and see some positive threads.

      It is a dream I have……….

      @ Ross, again – who was being sarcastic? I need to know. In fact dont let
      me know on here ….. I am not revising this thread (too many idiots) phone me – same number and we can have a POSITIVE discussion about ebay business. lol

  • Mark
    12 months ago


    you are so far up your own backside you did not even understand what i was saying.

    Whilst i recognise , well have been told by you! that you are good on ebay that was not my point. My point was you belittled a fellow seller accusing him of being little or a little seller.
    Which surely is irrelevant large or small eBay was supposed to be for everyone.
    Also most platforms i see have people moan about them whether Amazon or eBay. I thought the first rule of business was listen to your customers. But of course you know that. Also nothing gets changed without input whether good or bad. Many complaints about eBay are tiny and unimportant but sometimes they need highlighting just to bring about change.

    I am glad that ebay is so perfect for you i actually wonder what you contribute to these discussions other than to blow the eBay trumpet. Most others contribute quite constructive findings and make valid points whether ebay is right or wrong. You on the other hand just singing how good they are. They are the only perfect company.

    Ebay shot everyone with a z in their name yesterday

    Oh that was a really positive move says alan. it needed doing.

    • Dav
      12 months ago

      Agree. As I said in a previous post, this guy @alan paterson is typical of most eBay supporters. Completely full of himself. He’s in the minority of his opinion, but he’s right, everyone else is wrong. Accuses people of not knowing what they’re doing. Nothing’s ever eBay’s fault. Refuses to acknowledge that eBay is abusing everyone for their own profit by any means possible with every new change, policy, or “seller update”. Refuses to acknowledge eBay’s tactics in everything they do, much of it is to trick and deceive. Let’s just ignore these FACTS and tell everyone things are great on eBay. Lame. The following are what eBay has improved for anyone since CEO Donahoe and current CEO Wenig:

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      @ dav, well at least you acknowledge I am right and everyone else is wrong. There….. that went so hard was it?

  • Derek Duval
    12 months ago

    My main concern with Ebay is allowing Chinese sellers to use promoted listings to get into best match position…the amount of crap products on first page now from Chinese sellers with 95 and 96% Feedback is beyond a joke.

    Ask yourself this Ebay do you really think any customers who has left Negative Feedback with a bad experience will purchase again on Ebay? No they will purchase from Amazon.

    • SAM
      12 months ago

      Plus a lot of what they are promoting is fake and counterfeit…yet eBay do nothing.
      Short term profiteering over long term sustainability…

    • Dav
      12 months ago

      Agree. eBay does everything for short-term. Trying to impress Wall Street to the very low standard set for them. Their so-called growth compared to Amazon or even Etsy is laughable. Nothing but money grabs and trickery attempting to get as much money as they can from the current userbase. They will continue to do this because they’re losing GMV as well as continuing to push away sellers and buyers. There’s numerous ways they scheme for money, but the latest and most blatant was making everything GTC. eBay says it’s for Google Shopping. It’s not. It’s an attempt to get relisting fees after 30 days from those sellers that may be unaware. That’s why they’re pumping out so many listing promotions lately. It’s to use all the items for 3rd party advertising money and the hope they can get relisting fees. What you can believe is whatever eBay is telling a seller to do, whatever they suggest, whatever hoops they want you to jump through, whatever sales % they claim you’ll gain, are all lies. It’s for eBay’s profit only. You see @alan paterson, I know eBay better than you might think. Keep thinking that I’m making it all up.

    • Steve
      12 months ago

      Item location fraud is massive and a major problem eBay have failed to adequately tackle.

      @Dav, I think eBay do have a long term vision: to break into Asia. They are getting sellers onboard selling to the RoW, but I believe they have their eye on the prize of the internal market. I think that is Wenig’s plan. In this scenario it is unlikely eBay sellers based in the UK and US will be able to survive. It might explain eBay’s ‘milk the seller’ policies, i.e. investing revenue generated in major markets UK and US to ‘develop’ in Asia. They have already made massive investments in China.
      Are eBay telling us this? No, but if you dig around you find it. I suppose another test of their honesty.
      And before anyone starts to call me a hypocrite, I am a former eBay seller.

  • jim
    12 months ago

    whats your agenda, what do you wish for, what would you have happen
    ebay to cease?
    tens of thousands sellers of all sizes to go out of business, charities single parents
    low income families who use ebay as mean s of improving their life,
    what do you suggest or offer as the Alternative ???????

    • steve
      12 months ago

      An honest platform might be a start! All those who use it have an interest in it being straightforward and transparent (a byword for honesty) I don’t think anyone wishes eBay to disappear, the market will probably, and trends suggest it is underway with Facebook etc.
      The point about this article and replies is eBay are accusing someone else of being less than honest. Can eBay say that about themselves? Even the most ardent fan would be completely blinkers to believe eBay are anything like honest.

    • Alan Paterson
      12 months ago

      @ jim, I think Dav got dropped on his head when he was young. is he on the same platform? the same planet? he certainly seem to be in a different reality.

      Dav is showing signs of narcissism with a hint of sociopathy.

      His business isn’t doing so well by the sound of it. but its not enough for his ebay business to fail – everyone else must fail also – including ebay themselves.

      Surprising how much you see this online. Rather than be open to advice people like Dav simply attack not realising the answer is right in front of him.

    • Dav
      12 months ago

      @jim So eBay hasn’t already destroyed many small businesses and run so many sellers off the platform already that you wouldn’t believe? They WANT to chase everyone “small” away. It’s their agenda and shows in everything they do. They only care about “Big Brands”, big sellers, and big money.

      @alan paterson You’re a psychopath. Nothing more needs to be said about you.

      My agenda? What’s your agendas by blindly defending eBay? Do some damn due diligence and read comments sections, opinions, all over the internet, even the eBay Community board to read real opinions of eBay and their nonsense. I’ve been on eBay over 20 years selling on and off, but no more. Don’t question me about my knowledge of eBay. They’ve turned into a giant scam. You can have your own OPINIONS, but I believe most are in agreement with me. But you refuse to see it. Sad really…

  • jim
    12 months ago

    dav your talking tripe
    ebay bendover backwards to attract small private sellers with free listings and low FVFs

    • Dav
      12 months ago

      You’re not looking at the big picture. Just because something’s listed on eBay doesn’t mean it will sell. I guess you haven’t noticed their GMV has been declining the last 4 quarters straight YOY along with buyer views and sell-through rates always dropping? eBay is giving out more listing promotions ONLY to get more on the site for 3rd party advertising click money and the hope to get automatic relisting fees after 30 days. It’s all about what money they can collect without a sale. If you think otherwise, well I don’t what to tell you…

    • Dav
      12 months ago

      I’m also done with this thread. It’s pretty clear a couple of you are always gonna blindly defend eBay no matter what. Every seller (including you!), not just smaller ones, have been getting increasingly screwed over by eBay for years. You can’t refute what I’ve said. Try it. If you refuse to acknowlege facts, so be it.

    • Jim
      12 months ago

      Must be a direct link to the asylum
      Is the only explanation

  • Derek Duval
    12 months ago


    In my opinion the only reason they Ebay more adverts on the site is so you will pay more to be above them in best match.

    I already have to give them 10% promotion fees to get 70% of the sales I used to get 2 years ago

  • Jan
    12 months ago

    I would like to talk to Dav. I am totally fed up with eBay. Their latest screw job with the GTC is a rip off and I can’t believe they won’t get in trouble. I wish more people would revolt. I was still using Turbo Lister until today. I tried to update the program and felt the only thing I could do was to uninstall and reinstall. Well, you guessed it, I cannot reinstall and I am sitting with about 2,500 listings in lala land on my computer. Any suggestions for the replacement or alternative to Turbo Lister or eBay?

    • 12 months ago

      @Jan That would be an interesting conversation, Dav seems very anti-ebay

      eBay claim that seller hub allows you to upload listings by file, not something that I do myself, so not sure how you would go about it. Not that I ever used Turbo Lister.

      Do you have live listings at the moment? Or do you need to upload the 2500 on your computer?

      Are you looking for a free alternative or paid for?

      What other functions do you need from the alternative?

    • 12 months ago

      Ad Lister from Just Applications is excellent. We have been using for years – you can post your listings to Shopify, Amazon, Magento etc. too. We have come a long way with Ad Lister. They also do inventory management and shipping solutions / custom shops etc. They are currently working on our new website which is well overdue an overhaul.

    • 12 months ago

      Re: TurboLister

      Jan, consider giving WonderLister a try. They offer a 2,500 listing subscription for $10USD/mo and offer a free trial.

      After eBay announced the forced GTC here in the US, we reached out to several listing tool developers about implementing a “GTC interrupt”.

      WonderLister was not only the most curious and responsive to our request and inquiry, we actually had extensive dialogue about the feature and pro/con to forced GTC while they developed it.

      To our knowledge, they were the 1st to market listing tool with a GTC interrupt feature (other popular listing tools also have this capability now).

      No affiliation or referral kickback, just an endorsement for a responsive small software developer/business.

  • Jim
    12 months ago

    the listing glitch equivalent of being hit by a 40 ton truck crossing the road without looking is not ebays fault

    • steve
      12 months ago

      eBay rarely or possibly never admit liability or responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

      Another tag to hang on the ‘honesty’ case!

    • 12 months ago

      @steve Not sure what your point is, eBay announced a long time ago that Turbo lister was being phased out.

      Was that not “honest” enough for you?

    • steve
      12 months ago


      In all my, roughly 20 years selling on eBay, I cannot recall reading an announcement where they have admitted responsibility for or even acknowledged ‘downs’, log in problems etc. Like the big log in issues towards the end of last year which corresponded with a big drop in sales for me and others on the forums. eBay have a problem owning these problems.
      It gets right down to the nitty gritty too. Last year there were serious ‘basket’ problems for international buyers who were unable to group purchases from the same seller. I contacted eBay technical support about this and was told my customers were thick. But they wouldn’t acknowledge there was a problem.

      Anyone who think eBay is honest, is deluding themselves.

    • 12 months ago

      @steve Clam down, calm down….

      Your frustration and bitterness seems to cloud your ability to focus, try not to make every comment an eBay bashing.

      To remind you, this comment thread is about the Turbo Lister software that has been discontinued. How does your above comment relate to that?

      What is it about them discontinuing the Turbo Lister that was so dishonest?

  • jim
    12 months ago

    its our choice to use ebay
    cant blame ebay for being wet if you jump in the river

    • Steve
      12 months ago

      And this is exactly why, after 20 years, I have finally ceased trading on eBay.

  • Jim
    12 months ago

    So chill
    Ebays no longer your problem

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eBay’s mission is to be the world’s favourite destination for discovering great value and unique selection


Amazon started as online book store and has grown to be the worlds largest online retailer.

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