eBay Multi-User Account Access

By Chris Dawson July 25, 2019 - 10:45 am

At eBay Open, eBay have announced eBay Multi-User Account Access is rolling out to all US sellers that are opted into Seller Hub to give secure and limited access to their eBay Seller Hub.

This is a feature that sellers have been asking for for years and, with the news yesterday of another seller discovering a £25,000 loss through a hacked account and edited PayPal email address, can’t come quick enough for business sellers.

eBay Multi-User Account Access will enable sellers to grant access to their Seller Hub in a more private and secure way. Sellers can add employees or delegates to perform seller activities on their behalf without giving full access to their eBay account.

Listings will be the first capability to roll out. Sellers will be able to delegate editing, drafting and publishing access for their listings to their employees. This provides both users — the seller and the employee — added security and privacy for their eBay account.

eBay Multi-User Account Access will also give businesses the ability to use strong two-factor authentication to secure their eBay account as they’ll no longer have to give full account access to all employees without having to be available to log them in each and every time they need to work. Now businesses can secure their main account and employees will only have access to the features that are granted.

Later this year, eBay will enable more permissions including shipping support for sellers to delegate. eBay say that they are among the first ecommerce companies to enable this feature at scale, beginning with this roll out in the US.

  • SMB
    2 years ago

    How long has this taken? 20 years?

    • Dan Wilson
      2 years ago

      20 years. I started working for eBay in the Summer of 1999. Sellets have asked for this ever since eBay arrived in the UK. It’s astonishing it hasn’t happened sooner.

  • 2 years ago

    As above, why has it taken this long to action such a fundamental piece of functionality?

    • 2 years ago

      We believe the *primary* driver of the timing of this functionality being offered ‘now’ is in support of eBay’s foray into the untapped B2B sector (~$4B USD GMV recently, vs ~$1T++ USD addressable market).

      Given eBay’s multiple rounds of layoffs last year and pressure from activist investors, it’s difficult to imagine a business case justifying development of this functionality otherwise.

      Together with eBay’s fulfillment initiatives, by first rolling this tool out to SMBs, eBay hopes to work out any bugs and glitches (haha!) before making it available to trading partners in the massive B2B market who will have zero tolerance for eBay’s glitchy tech.

  • Dav
    2 years ago

    Everyone must forgive eBay for being “just a little slow” lol. Just as they’re years behind announcing “Managed Delivery”. They’ve announced so many so-called great things the last few days in succession. To me it looks like orchestrated propaganda trying to pander to Wall Street and shareholders. Wenig interviewed on Bloomberg. Media outlets touting eBay is “taking on Amazon” with this. What a joke. Because of their always always poor results and GMV decline eBay needs to keep pumping a steady diet of stuff like this into the media trying to keep the stock from tanking. That’s all eBay is about and nothing more. Even with all their smoke & mirrors, it didn’t prevent the stock from taking a 45% dump from it’s high last year. Go figure…

  • 2 years ago

    That will be a super useful feature. What is the usual timescale from US implementation to UK roll out? Is it around 6 months or longer?

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