Currys Prime Day equivalent shows value of mimicry approach

By Sasha Fedorenko July 30, 2019 - 10:31 am

The British electronics retailer Currys rivalled Amazon by launching their Prime Day equivalent “Black Tag Summer Event” a week before the 48-hour promotional event.

The retailer described their summer sale as “no subscription fee, just great deals […] Prime Day has now passed, but we still have some great deals!” leaving a little interpretation to their intentions to compete with the Seattle-based marketplace.

Last year saw Currys holding a summer sale in July which didn’t perform as aggressively and widespread against their competitor as their mimicry tactic against Prime Day.

This year, their bold efforts saw the retailer getting a larger share of clicks from Prime products such as the iPad, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, all at high paid rates of over 50%.

According to a new analysis by Hitwise, Currys experienced the lion’s share of year-on-year (YoY) of organic and paid-click searches over the Prime week. Consumers were mainly searching for on-demand electronics, with “Samsung fridge freezer” as a top riser experiencing a 736% and 63% year-on-year rise of organic clicks and paid-for clicks, respectively. This dropped by more than a half with “Wireless headphones” search term solidifying +248% organic, and 38% paid for clicks.

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