Amazon Prime Day biggest on Amazon this year

By Chris Dawson July 16, 2019 - 9:07 am

Prime Day 2019 started yesterday at 00.01am and – for the first time ever – is running for 48 hours, ending tonight, Tuesday 16th July at 11.59pm, offering members another full day of the best in shopping and entertainment.

The first 24 hours of Prime Day was the biggest day of the year for Amazon so far in the UK. In Prime Day’s first 24 hours in the UK:

Members saved tens of millions on epic deals The most shopped for categories included wine and spirits, video game consoles and headphones

Top selling deals included Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote, Echo Dot, Sony PlayStation Classic Console and Oral B Smart Series Electric Toothbrush Prime members purchased over 73,000 wireless electronics and 55,000 sports equipment items.

One of the fastest Prime Now Deliveries was a Fire TV Stick delivered in 12 minutes and 6 seconds to a customer in Newcastle.

Amazon has teamed up with brands around the world to offer new and special-edition products exclusively to Prime members. Prime Day Launches feature brand-new products available for pre-order, limited-edition items and never-before-seen collections that are available exclusively to Prime members on Amazon for a limited time. Launches live on 16th July include a new collection of Lancaster Instant Glow Peel-Off Masks and for the children, the Hot Wheels Scorpedo. Prime members also still have the exclusive chance to pre-order Lady Gaga’s newly launched HAUS LABORATORIES beauty collection.

The Best Ways to Shop on Prime Day

Watch A Deal – The Amazon App allows early deal watching in every country. This is the easiest way to preview, track and shop those limited time Lightning Deals while at home or on-the-go with deal alerts on the Amazon App. Visit from your mobile browser to get started.

Alexa Shopping – Alexa makes it easy to find Prime Day deals. Just ask, “Alexa, what are my Prime Day deals?”

Shop deals on everything you’re in to – Find deals organised by most-shopped-for interests. From TVs & Home Entertainment and Smart Home to Kids Corner, Video Games, Amazon Devices and more – discover deals that you’ll love even faster.

Search Deals – Members can search Prime Day deals through the search box on the top of our site.

AmazonSmile – Customers who shop deals directly at will find the two-day parade of epic deals, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of eligible purchases to the charity of their choice at no extra cost to the customer. Customers can choose from more than ten thousand charitable organisations around the UK.

Create a Wish List – Add items to your Wish List and receive notifications if your top picks are included in a deal.

Treasure Truck – Treasure Truck, a unique and fun-filled way to shop for new or trending items, allows customers across the UK access to one hand-picked item at a time. To celebrate Prime Day, the Treasure Truck will roll into town (London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Portsmouth) on 16th July with an exclusive offer on Grey Goose French Vodka, with added freebies with every purchase and on the spot prizes. Customers can sign up for Treasure Truck by texting ‘truck’ to 87377 to be among the first to find out when and where the truck will be plus the offer of the day. For more information on Treasure Truck or to sign up for notifications online visit

  • Mark
    6 months ago

    As a seller on Prime the whole hype around prime is a farce.

    We were invited to sell items on Amazon with the Prime badge using Amazon Seller Fulfilled.

    We thought we would give it a go as items at a price of £20 free shipping would maybe pick up better with the Prime badge.

    Well they did but not a great deal and luckily the shipping rates of 2 day and next day were roughly even and therefore it was a viable option.
    Suddenly the powers that be at Amazon decide a policy of everything is next day regardless of what option the buyer takes and that meant all being sent at over £5 shipping rate.
    Their answer to us was increase the item price to balance it.
    So now we are on at £21 prime and our competitors are on at £20 free shipping.
    So we now have Prime customers asking why they are being penalised higher prices for being Prime members with just the same free shipping.

    Now the best thing of all this rubbish is we are starting to see returns as “Not delivered within the estimated time” and when we look into it the item was bought Monday shipped Monday and arrived Tuesday. The customer was not in and went to collect at the post office the next day and wants to return due to “Not delivered in estimated time”.

    So we politely contacted the customer and explained it was within the time frame and his response was.

    If i had wanted it “next day” i would have selected “next day” i knew i was not going to be in so selected “2 day delivery” so while some customers may be happy that the delivery expectations have been exceeded i was not. We have now had this happen 4 times in the last week. Why arrange to be in and have it arrive when you are out some people may not be able to get to post offices to collect etc.

    Its just Amazon trying to cream off more funds from the shipping companies.

    • ifellow
      6 months ago

      Hi Mark, this is normally not customer wants a refund missed delivery. It’s often amazon refund the customer and let’s them keep low value items, or a part refund for missed delivery deadline.

      Amazon wants to keep prime members locked in at all costs as they are likely to order mostly from Amazon. So as a third party reseller on amazon expect refunds for goods sold 9 months ago etc etc.

      Amazon is finding it quite expensive however to keep all these prime members sweet, hence inviting third party sellers into the prime program and burden the costs.

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