2% eBay FVF Promotion on Health & Beauty items until 30th Sept

From Thursday this week, qualifying UK sellers can pay just 2% when you sell Health & Beauty items up to £10 until the end of September as the previously announced eBay FVF Promotion kicks in.

You must actively opt in to receive the 2% fees, so if you sell in these categories make sure you do so. As soon as you have opted in you may want to relist or renew all your listings in relevant categories to take full advantage (See T’s and C’s below).

There is also an eBay Price reduction on Final value fees and fee caps in Home, Furniture & DIY and Jewellery & Watches categories for business sellers which you can read more about here.

eBay FVF Promotion on Health & Beauty Detail

eBay are offering business sellers the discount on Final value fees for selected listings in the Health & Beauty category. Pay just 2% in Final value fees, on selected products in Health & Beauty with an item price up to £10 (excluding shipping) for new, relisted or renewed listings from the 11th of July until the 30th of September.


  • Your buyer pays: £5.00 + £2.00 postage, then your Final value fee is 2% x £7 = £0.14
  • Your buyer pays: £9.00 + £2.00 postage, then your Final value fee is 2% x £11 = £0.22
  • Your buyer pays: £11.00 + £2.00 postage, then your Final value fee is 9% x £13 = £1.17

The promotional rate will apply to listings that are new, relist or renew between 11th of July and the 30th of September until the item ends, renews or relists.This could be up to 30 days after the 30th of September, depending on the length of your listing. It will also apply to individual items involved in multi-quantity sales. For example:

  • If a buyer purchases 2 £9 items in a Multi-buy promotion, then you Final value fee is 2% x £18 = £0.36

How to activate the 2% eBay FVF Promotion

  • Activate the promotion before the 30th of September. Please note you’ll only benefit from the discount on sales of listings that are new, relisted or renewed after you’ve activated the promotion.
  • New, relisted and/or renewed listings from 11 July or after activating the promotion, whichever is later, will benefit from the promotion.
  • Pay just 2% Final value fees on selected Health and Beauty items up to £10** listed, relisted and/renewed until 30 September. You’ll pay this reduced fee at the point of sale for eligible listings during this period until your item ends, renews or relists.

There are some Terms & conditions apply. Sellers must actively opt-in to the offer. The discounted 2% rate is available for all fixed price and auction-style listings, including listings with variations in the Health & Beauty category excluding Hair extensions & Wigs, Vape Pens, E-Cigarettes & Accessories, Vaporisers. Items sold above £10 will incur the normal Final value fee in full.

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The usual CON why must you "actively opt in to receive the 2% fees", why do they not just give it to people for all sales in that time period? Do I need to cease all my listings and then re submit them? As an item that got re-listed on the 9th will not get any benefit till it re-lists on the 9th August. Usual cowboy offers from eBay.

tyler • 11th July 2019 •

Yep it's for new listings only, not current ones. Besides, all of these listing and eBay Bucks promotions they're doing lately aren't for anyone's benefit. It's eBay trying to get more items on the site so they can plaster advertising all over everything in an attempt to get 3rd party advertising click money. And the biggest reason is they're attempting to trick those unaware sellers into GTC relisting fees after 30 days. Nothing eBay does is for the user. Everything they do are tricks and scams for their profit. They don't care if you sell anything, they just use sellers and their listings for themselves. Sales and sell-through rates continue to decline and eBay's answer to that is literally scheming against everyone for money. Their take % continues to grow and sellers are making less and less. This is eventually gonna backfire badly for eBay. They can't continue to abuse everyone much longer until many leave in disgust. It's already been happening, especially since that clown-show Devin Wenig took over as CEO.

Dav • 12th July 2019 •

Had a phone call from eBay some week,s back telling me they were trying to help small business sellers like me and told me about this promotion to which I replied NO GOOD FOR ME I DO NOT SELL CR*P. She looked on my site and said I can see that I think we will have to sort something out for people like you. IN YOUR DREAMS. Have not had a reply since. The thing is they are now run by short sighted greedy idiots that can not see that 2% of my £30-£180 perfume would give them more back (I WOULD EVEN SETTLE FOR 5% FEES)

Peter • 12th July 2019 •