Pitney Bowes and Pirate Ship team up offer free USPS shipping software

By Sasha Fedorenko June 7, 2019 - 11:34 am

Pitney Bowes and Pirate Ship have teamed up to offer US merchants access to a number of USPS shipping services through their Pirate Ship account.

The move will see the duo working together to “level the playing field for small ecommerce merchants.” It will see small business sellers accessing free USPS shipping software which they can use to fulfil orders.

What is Pirate Ship?

Pirate Ship say that they provide small startups with the simplest way to ship items through “easy-to-learn” cloud-based shipping software. Merchants are able to import ecommerce orders from their store or marketplace, print a USPS shipping label, and then automatically post tracking information back to the store. Whether a merchant prints just a handful or thousands of labels a day, Pirate Ship gives them instant access to the cheapest USPS shipping rates available for no additional cost.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Pure Post say that they provide merchants with a modern representational state transfer (RESTful) web service architecture that makes it easy for customers to integrate and scale. They say that they provide compliance, integration and label generation for merchants looking to leverage the benefits of USPS shipping, delivery and tracking services. In addition, they can provide sellers with access to a number of ecommerce logistics services.

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