PayPal new UK debit card to give merchants unlimited cash back

By Sasha Fedorenko June 26, 2019 - 2:43 pm

PayPal today announced the launch of their new version of UK debit Mastercard to offer their business clients worldwide access to their PayPal funds for online and high street business purchases and unlimited cash back on their spending. This means that merchants who wish to buy a service or product for their business can now use their PayPal debit card to pay for it and receive cash back into their PayPal account.

PayPal say that their UK business customers can now spend money held in their PayPal account at over 45 million Mastercard acceptance locations worldwide. The new card has no monthly fees and offers uncapped 0.5% cash back on every pound spent. There are no foreign exchange fees and a flat ATM withdrawal charge of just £1 worldwide.

How to apply?

  1. Merchants can apply today on this page with their PayPal business account, or sign up for a PayPal business account to qualify for the PayPal new UK debit card.
  2. When their debit card arrives, merchants need to activate it by logging on to their PayPal business account.
  3. Merchants can start buying in-person and online.

The launch of the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard in the UK marks the latest step in PayPal’s global partnership with Mastercard.

In 2016, the two companies have been working together to improve the payment experience for customers online and in-store and support millions of business owners to manage their money seamlessly.

The new PayPal Business Debit card is the latest example of how the support we offer our small business customers extends far beyond processing payments. It gives small business owners a fast, easy way to use the money in their PayPal account both online and in person, wherever they are in the world.”
– Nicola Longfield, senior director, small and medium business, PayPal UK

  • Jimmy
    4 months ago

    Got the following error message when try to apply just now..

    We’re sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you.
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