New Parcelforce Worldwide Tariff Code look up tool

By Chris Dawson June 18, 2019 - 12:02 pm

Parcelforce Worldwide has launched a new Tariff Code look up tool. Tariff Codes are thr internationally recognised standard which enable the easy identification of items by customs authorities, regardless of language barriers. Parcelforce Worldwide’s Tariff Code look up tool launches as the use of Tariff Codes increase as customs authorities look to streamline their processes.

Parcelforce Worldwide bulk uploadTariff Code look up toolThe new tool enables customers to easily and quickly search for a product item using Parcelforce Worldwide’s intelligent search bar. Customers can search for items either one at a time, or via the bulk upload of an entire product catalogue.

The new lookup tool also enables customers to:

  • Search for Tariff Codes either one at a time or in bulk.
  • Switch between EU and Non-EU shipments to search for either a 6 digit (non-EU) or 8 digit (EU) code.
  • Save codes against a product line.
  • Search and save multiple Tariff Codes to a product catalogue.
  • Export a catalogue with Tariff Codes to Excel.

“At Parcelforce Worldwide, we are constantly looking to innovate and expand our services to cater to the needs of our customers. Our new Tariff Code look up tool is another example of how we are doing this.”
– A spokesperson, Parcelforce Worldwide

  • Mark
    12 months ago

    Wow its brilliant.

    I entered hamster Ball NOTHING
    i entered dog collar NOTHING
    I entered Parrot cage NOTHING
    I entered Fish Food NOTHING
    I entered Dog lead NOTHING

    just the first 5 things we sell that came into my head. So it looks like its gonna be a long old journey doing this. Its like a car with no wheels.

    • JoeB
      12 months ago

      Same here

      ‘keyring’ no results
      ‘necklace’ no results
      ‘bookmark’ no results

  • jim
    12 months ago

    to be fair its how you search
    if you search for a specfic eg “PLASTIC REcycle BIN ” 😜 no results
    though searching for “plastic ” brings all manner of subcategory codes

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