Jonny Steel opens The Payoneer Forum 2019

By Sasha Fedorenko June 20, 2019 - 10:37 am

Global conquest means expanding globally,” is how Jonny Steel, vice president of marketing of Payoneer describes the mission of merchants aiming to move beyond their borders.

Opening The Payoneer Forum 2019 today, Jonny Steel compared the sellers’ mission of expanding overseas to global conquest. Jonny puts this focus down to merchants ever-expanding goals.

Jonny says that 50% of the total ecommerce in the US comes from He says that this is a huge opportunity for UK sellers to grow by joining Amazon US.

Jonny Steel
When we talking about going beyond, says Jonny, there is now 3.5 billion Internet users in the world. The majority of Internet users in the world are in the Asia Pacific. That’s 60-70% of Internet users in the world that is coming from Asia. However, he encourages sellers to explore distant markets. Jonny says – let’s look at Russia and countries beyond.

Pointing to the challenges of expanding into new territories, he says that it’s impossible without mentioning Brexit. Still, we would have thought, says Jonny, that by this stage we would get some certainty.

Jonny attributes the ability to tackle political uncertainty to the strong spirit of UK businesses. He says that there is a real hope of optimist – especially amongst the small businesses. Jonny says that the drive to move forward and expand into different countries will get us through.

He concludes by saying: English footballers haven’t quite made it, but it’s that hope and spirit that can get us through the challenging times.

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