Etsy introduces new tool to show off listing variations

By Sasha Fedorenko June 21, 2019 - 2:25 pm

Etsy have announced the introduction of the new tool which aims to show off sellers’ listing variations.

How does it work?

A picture is worth a thousand words. The new listing variation tool enables sellers to display all the product variations they have to offer with photography.

Any photo sellers have uploaded to their listing can be linked with any of their variations. While editing a listing, sellers need to go to their variations section and click ‘Link’ photos then, choose from their existing listing images. If they want to upload a new image of one of their variation options, they will need to add that to the listing first and then link it to the variation. Sellers can only link photos that are uploaded to a listing. The maximum number of listing photos sellers can add is 10.

This is also a great opportunity for sellers to refresh all their listing photos. Etsy suggest that sellers upload pictures that are at least 2000 pixels wide. Sellers can upload the largest photo they have and not worry about the photo slowing down the page. Etsy say they will optimise it to make sure shoppers can see all the details.

What shoppers will see?

When a shopper makes a selection from the variations drop-down and chooses an option that has a linked photo, they’ll see the photo for their choice on the listing page and through checkout.

Let’s say a shopper looking at a listing for handmade headbands sees the fabric choices: denim, polka dots or lace. When they make a selection, Etsy automatically show them the matching photo. They will also see their selection in the basket at checkout.

Bridging the indecision gap with photography

Giving shoppers more details, in the form of great photos, means two things. First, fewer questions about sellers’ different variations. Second, less time spent trying to explain each option in merchants’ listing description.

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