eBay urges sellers to avoid FedEx $350 penalty for noncompliant hazmat goods

By Sasha Fedorenko June 4, 2019 - 12:00 pm

eBay have urged sellers to avoid FedEx $350 penalty fee for shipping dangerous goods or hazardous materials through FedEx in the US.

eBay have announced the news in The eBay Community, saying that from the 1st of June FedEx will charge a $350 fee for each incident of a package shipped through FedEx that contains noncompliant hazmat goods.

What is considered a noncompliant package?

A noncompliant package that contains Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials include:

  1. Insufficient or improper packaging
  2. Improper hazmat labelling or markings
  3. Undeclared Dangerous Goods (DG)
  4. Prohibited materials
  5. Packages abandoned or refused

What does this mean for sellers?

If FedEx determines that sellers have shipped a noncompliant package, this fee will be reflected on their monthly eBay invoice in the same way FedEx shipping charges are assessed today.

How to avoid the fee?

  1. Sellers should refer to the Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials shipping guidelines from FedEx and the US.
  2. They should also refer Department of Transportation (DOT) to make sure sellers are compliant with their regulations and shipping requirements.
  3. eBay say that it is merchants’ responsibility to ensure packages are properly marked, labelled, packaged, and documented if necessary, according to their hazardous materials shipping policies.

In addition to FedEx requirements, any shipment sellers prepare must comply with DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) and any restrictions maintained by their preferred shipping carrier. Sellers can also refer to UPS, USPS and eBay’s policy for more information.

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