EMAIL to update home and garden item specifics from 30th July

By Sasha Fedorenko June 14, 2019 - 4:47 pm have reminded eBay sellers of the changes to the home and garden item specifics starting from the 30th of July. eBay say that sellers should start adding key item specifics to their listings today.

The move follows the changes eBay announced in the 2019 Spring Seller Update.

eBay shared the news in The eBay Community, saying that “any ‘required’ item specifics in home and garden categories will need to be added to any new or revised listings starting on July 30th, 2019.”

eBay say they will begin to highlight which item specifics are ‘required’ and which are ‘recommended’ as part of the listing flow to help sellers identify which ones need to be updated. They say that this will make it easy for them to identify which item specifics matter the most.

What are item specifics?

Item specifics include brand and physical details about the item you are selling, such as make, model, size type, size, colour, and style. They appear at the top of the sellers’ listing description and make it easy for buyers to find relevant information.

When a merchant creates a listing, eBay suggests item specifics based on their item’s selling category. Recommended item specifics can help buyers to easily find sellers’ listings and make informed purchases.

Item specifics tell buyers about sellers’ items

Item specifics tell buyers exactly what merchants’ selling. They make the basic facts about sellers’ items clear and accessible to buyers, which helps them make informed purchase decisions.

Item specifics help buyers find merchants’ items

Complete and accurate item specifics yield more relevant search results for buyers. The “Refine search” column, located on the left side of the search results page, lets buyers further narrow their searches based on popular item specifics.

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