eBay makes all eBay listings mobile friendly to delight on-the-go shoppers

By Sasha Fedorenko June 28, 2019 - 12:18 pm have announced the transformation of all of eBay listings to become mobile-friendly as they aim to improve the shopping experience for consumers on the go.

eBay have shared the news in The eBay Community, saying that “we have made all listings mobile friendly automatically, regardless of how they were listed, mobile or computer.”

What does this mean for sellers?

The viewport meta tag will be added by eBay at time of rendering the View Item page on mobile devices. This means that sellers no longer need to use the Mobile Friendly Checker to add the viewport meta tag in order to make their listings mobile friendly.

Which listings are fixed?

Existing and new listings created via mobile devices, computer or APIs. Sellers do not need to update previous active listings which are missing the viewport meta tag, because the tag is added real-time when the buyer loads the View Item page. If the viewport meta tag was added to previous listings, sellers do not need to remove the tag, it is ok to leave them as is.

Why does Mobile Friendly Checker still exist?

If the description has embedded images, the tool will warn sellers if the embedded images have defined fixed widths that are not mobile friendly. If the sellers’ description does not have embedded images, they won’t need to use the Mobile Friendly Checker.

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