Amazon fifth Spanish distribution centre to expand global reach

By Sasha Fedorenko June 18, 2019 - 11:14 am

Amazon have announced the launch of Amazon fifth Spanish distribution centre in Trapagaran, Spain, in their ongoing bid to expand their global reach. Amazon say that the launch aims to provide “fast and reliable delivery that Amazon customers value and trust.” If you’re using Amazon FBA this means that you’ll be able to reach more customers in Spain via the accelerated delivery offering.

Amazon say that they’re working with two independent delivery companies to build the 8,000 square meters logistic hub. The two businesses will hire more than 60 drivers to deliver packages to customers in the Bilbao area.

Amazon say that their existing distribution centres in Spain will send the packages to the new logistics station so that they can strategically distribute the goods to nearby customers.

Expanding logistic reach in Spain

In 2012, Amazon launched their fist logistic centre in San Fernando de Henares, Madrid. That’s a year after the introduction of The last seven years saw Amazon launching three logistic hubs in El Prat, Barcelona, one in Getafe, Madrid and the most recent one in Illescas, Toledo.

Amazon are also operating two urban logistics centres in Madrid and Barcelona. They are designed to provide fast deliveries to Amazon Prime customers in the two cities.

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