85% of Brits are skeptical of social commerce over bad experiences

By Sasha Fedorenko June 4, 2019 - 1:00 pm

The majority of British consumers are sceptical of social commerce over bad experiences, causing them to doubt the service, says new report ‘Brits’ less trusting of shopping on social media’ by OnBuy.

The research polled 1,424 British consumers on their attitude towards social commerce and using social ‘buy buttons’ on social media.

According to the findings, 85% of polled shoppers remain doubtful of merchants selling on social media as they cite the possibility of a product being fake and bad experiences.

Some 17% of the respondents say that they have purchased via social media. British consumers are most open to buying via Instagram (59%), followed by Facebook (27%), and Pinterest (20%). However, the larger percentage (34%) of the surveyed shoppers say that they would not be open to purchasing via social media.

Why shoppers are sceptical of social commerce?

When asked “If you have never used a social buy button, why haven’t you?” – respondents gave several reasons. “Fears of security” and “privacy of account” (32%) were found to be the two greatest
concerns surrounding social commerce, while doubts over its “legitimacy” came in third (32%.)

How to encourage shoppers to buy via social media?

More than a half (64%) of Brits’ would feel encouraged to use a social buy button if they could see images from customers who previously bought the product.

Other factors include the ability to access customer reviews (59%), a secure payment system (49%) and access to video tutorials or demos of products. Some 74% of people draw a connection between social video and making a purchase – so it’s no surprise consumers are looking for verification in this way.

While social commerce is still a new way to shop, merchants wishing to sell on social media should aim to reassure their customers by making their store-front 100% transparent.

  • SAM
    6 months ago

    Yes you will probably get that to begin with, especially will all the bad press about with how these social media sites treat your data. However once people get over that trust hump.

    It is NEW in many people’s heads, but it does not take a lot of research to make sure your buying of a good company.
    I genuinely think this will be the future. Merchants will move away from declining old formats like eBAY and onto the likes of Insta..where they can be more creative have showcase there products and market them to relevant followers etc.
    eBay were actually getting it right a couple of years ago with the collections followers etc but then the balloons took over.

    I have made a few purchases now via social with no issues.
    Downsides for the merchant’s you will have to really pay for the eyeballs. Still dealing with US tax Dodgers at the end of the day.

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