10 ways merchants sabotage customer conversion

By Sasha Fedorenko June 14, 2019 - 4:53 pm

Savvy consumers are always keen to spot a bargain. However, customer conversion can be easily sabotaged by overly complicated storefronts, losing shoppers to competition, says new research by Marketingsignals.

The report surveyed 1,213 UK adults to find out their top 10 frustrations when it comes to ecommerce shopping experiences that deter them from purchasing.

According to the report, shoppers expect superior customer experience. To meet customer demand, sellers become more sophisticated in the experiences they deliver to shoppers. Merchants advanced their use of customer data to apply the insights across multiple businesses and ignoring category borders to create an integrated brand ecosystem.

Online marketplaces such as Amazon pioneered in creating a friction-free journey for customers. However, the sellers still have a responsibility to make their storefronts look attractive. This raises a question. What criteria do merchants’ storefronts need to meet to boost customers conversion levels?

10 ways merchants sabotage customer conversion

  1. Insufficient or poor quality product imagery – 61%
  2. Inadequate product descriptions – 57%
  3. Lack of customer service – 52%
  4. Distracting/Intrusive pop-ups – 47%
  5. Overcomplicated check-out process – 43%
  6. Little or no social media presence – 41%
  7. Lack of delivery options – 34%
  8. Desktop-only site design – 27%
  9. Insufficient or lack of company information – 16%
  10. Not accepting alternative payment methods including PayPal and Apple Pay – 11%

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