Zalando sustainability focus puts a spotlight on creative approach to packaging

By Sasha Fedorenko May 24, 2019 - 5:01 pm

Zalando sustainability focus is fundamental to the marketplace’s success in the next decade as they aim to become the leading platform for ‘green’ fashion in Europe.

Sustainability in ecommerce fashion does not only apply to textiles, but also to how the goods are packaged for delivery. Packaging is the only physical contact that a shopper has with a brand when purchasing online. Zalando aims to use their platform to approach sustainable packaging in a creative way.

From plastic to paper

Zalando are currently converting their “Beauty Bags” from plastic to paper. If a customer orders lipstick and mascara, they will pack the two products in a padded plastic bag and put them in our Zalando box. Cosmetic products need extra cover to protect them because they are fragile. This initiative sees customers receiving 100% recycled packaging.

The marketplace also introduced polybags, thin protective sleeves which made from 60% recycled plastic.

These changes reduced Zalando’s consumption of non-recycled plastic by about 625.6 tonnes compared to last year.

‘We’re responsible for our environmental and social impact’

Zalando puts down the increased focus on eco-friendliness down to their responsibility for their environmental and social impact.

They also say that they want to respect their customers’ opinions. Zalando’s say that they’re increasingly being asked what they’re doing to use less plastic. As a result, this became an incentive for Zalando to deliver upon their customers’ demands.

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Zalando is a massive retail phenomenon in Europe. It’s particularly prominent in Germany, where they boast 95% brand recognition amongst adult shoppers.

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