What are the most desirable products to resell in the future?

By Sasha Fedorenko May 8, 2019 - 3:20 pm

Home technology items will be the most desirable products to resell in the years to come, according to research by

Online marketplace conducted a survey to discover which areas 1,784 consumers are interested in investing in the future.

Gaming and recreational tech have led for many years, with the likes of retro consoles and Polaroids dominating the cashback limelight. However, with the increase in smart home technology, perhaps shoppers’ interest could shift towards a new area of investment?

According to the research, 48% (856) of the surveyed consumers are showing interest to buy home tech products in the future. That is home tech products such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Smart thermostats will present the most financial opportunities for tech merchants when trying to resell.

In the second place is the personal tech such as Fitbits, smartwatches and smartphones, with 29% (518) of the polled shoppers are planning to splash their cash on such items.

This follows by gaming tech such as VR/AR, portable consoles and wireless headphones takes third place, with 13% (232) of consumers believing that merchants would be able to resell these products for the most profit.

Recreational tech such as drones and instant cameras take fourth place. Only 10% (178) of the respondents say that this area will grow in profitability for merchants.

As technology and its demands are continuously developing, it makes predicting future trends difficult. This is why OnBuy believes in the importance of the consumer’s opinion – as the targets for businesses, they will tailor their products around them. This survey is particularly interesting in regard to this. Will we see brands change based on these alternative consumer thoughts? Or will they stick to what they think they know?”
– Cas Paton, managing director, OnBuy

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