Enter a team in the Tamebay Ecommerce Cup with 30 leading ecommerce players

By Sasha Fedorenko May 15, 2019 - 9:00 am

AttendIn less than a month time, leading ecommerce players are set to kick off Tamebay Ecommerce Cup on the 13 of June 2019 at PlayFootball Sheperd’s Bush. Sign up here to not miss out the hottest game in the ecommerce field.

Tamebay are inviting ecommerce ‘Ronaldos’ to join the football tournament – designed to bring together suppliers, marketplace sellers and customers in a fun game. It is not only a mere sports activity but also an opportunity to exchange expertise, inspire and learn from the industry peers. Some 30 leading industry businesses have already shown their interest in the event, enticing a competitive spirit in others to tackle their competitors or companies they look up to in the team sport.

Tamebay Ecommerce Cup ecommerce ‘Ronaldos’ attendees

  1. Bazaarvoice
  2. Bounce Exchange
  3. ChannelAdvisor 1
  4. ChannelAdvisor 2
  5. Chargebacks911
  6. Consignor
  7. Cybertill
  8. Energizer
  9. Exponea
  10. Hub-Box
  11. Ingenico
  12. Just Eat 1
  13. Just Eat 2
  14. Kenshoo
  15. Klarna
  16. Linnworks
  17. London Bridge Prjoect
  18. Oliver Bonas
  19. Paypal 1
  20. Paypal 2
  21. Poq Commerce
  22. Pregis EU
  23. Pricesearcher
  24. Ravelin
  25. Scivisum
  26. Skynet Worldwide
  27. Trustpilot
  28. Vaimo
  29. Visualsoft
  30. Wrap Distribution

Attendees are welcomed to take advantage of the atmosphere the Cup creates which like no other event offers a mix of relaxed and entertaining ambience – where like-minded individuals can either bond in a lively game or watch it with a drink or two – with full bar facilities at the venue.

This year marks the seventh annual Tamebay Ecommerce Cup, highlighting the success of the last games. It is hosted by Tamebay, and our sister publications InternetRetailing and eDelivery.

The 5-a-side football contest will run from lunchtime through to the evening, giving the participating teams more playing time, more matches and ever than before more recovery time. Attendees are expected to the event at 12pm for a kick off at 1pm. The team registration covers up to eight people – five players and three subs.

Chris Dawson and I will be pausing our editorial duties to enjoy the game. We’ll be taking photos, cheering for the teams and networking. Join us there.

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