Reflectoporn in eBay Review for towel rack

By Chris Dawson May 28, 2019 - 6:43 am

eBay buyer Hazel Coleman took to twitter when she got a bit of a shock from viewing a review on eBay for a towel rack. A previous purchaser took a photo of the towel rack while in a state of semi undress and ended up with a reflectoporn picture posted to the review. Unfortunately whilst he had a top on, for some reason he decided to take a photo for the review with his bottom half naked, sat on the bed with his legs apart.

Naked bodies on eBay isn’t exactly a recent phenomenon and it was happening so frequently at one time that it got dubbed reflectoporn. The last high profile case (which as almost always happens is professed to be a total accident) was back in 2013 when the then 21 year old posted a photo of a dress including a reflection of herself stark naked bar a bra.

This latest reflectoporn has already hit a few newspapers but what makes it different is that this is the first case of reflectoporn we’ve seen left in an eBay review. The review has already attracted 36 thumbs up… not surprising considering the publicity that it’s attracting.

Having reflectoporn on a review against your listing is unfortunate, especially as there are current sellers of this particular towel rack who weren’t the seller that attracted the review.

If you are half naked and suddenly decide it would be a great time to take a photo to post on eBay or anywhere else on the Internet it’s probably a good idea to finish getting dressed first or make sure you’re not in front of a mirror.

Doubtless eBay will remove the review in question once they find it to spare the gentleman in question further shame.

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