New Linnworks price plans announced

By Chris Dawson May 22, 2019 - 11:02 am

Linnworks, the multichannel management solution with by far the greatest number of users in the UK, have announced new Linnworks price plans for new and existing customers. For existing customers they are giving a three month grace period for sellers to migrate to the new pricing model.

“For the majority of you, the price you pay will stay the same or decrease. And for some, there will be an increase. But we believe that the new pricing plans are a fairer way to price our products and services, and will ultimately help you sell better.”
– Callum Campbell, CEO, Linnworks

What’s changing with the new Linnworks price plans?

Linnworks last changed their price plans in September 2016. These new Linnworks price plans are further reaching and will have a significant impact on some merchants whilst as always there will be winners who can save money.

Effectively, for the first time Linnworks will introduce SKU and order levels and if you exceed these levels you will need to move to a more expensive plan or pay a per order fee for any orders over the included amount. Previously plans included unlimited orders and were priced at £150/mo or £1000/mo.

Linnworks Price Plans



Base Price £150/mo £450/mo
Inclusive Orders 1,000/mo 3,500/mo
Additional Order Price 14p 12p
Number of SKUs 20,000 50,000

As well as the Linnworks Standard and Advanced price plans there are also Linnworks for Business (starting at £1450/mo) and Linnworks Enterprise (price on application).

Sellers likely to be impacted most by the new Linnworks price plans

The sellers that are likely to be impacted most at first glance are those with high numbers of SKUs and merchants with low value orders and high volumes. If you are selling high ASP items and go over the order limit on your new Linnworks price plans, the 12p or 14p per order isn’t punitive. In fact some sellers might discover that they can downgrade to a lower price plan, pay for excess orders and still save money.

Merchants with high volumes and low ASP will be hit as the additional order price will be a higher percentage of their sale price. For instance in the tech category, if you sell laptops at £250-£1000 a pop the additional order fee will be low in comparison to a seller of USB memory sticks at a couple of quid a time.

It’s worth noting that Linnworks are sending customised new Linnworks Price Plans to some of their most loyal customers with increased order limits and SKU allowances to lower the impact of the change. The loyalty plans include unlimited users, increased order volumes and SKU caps, and the chance to lock in all the current features you use. Check your email to see if you have received a loyalty offer.

You will want to look closely at the plans and decide if paying for additional orders makes more financial sense than paying a higher base price for a new Linnworks Price Plan on a monthly basis.

Three month’s notice

For all users, Linnworks are giving a three month grace period until the 21st of August 2019 before they have to move to a the new Linnworks Price plans.

If you currently have have a paid annual subscriptions then you will remain on your current Linnworks Price Plans until your annual subscriptions expire even if that is after the 21st of August 2019.


Different plans have different features. Linnworks are trying to ease the pain for existing customers and have promised that if you use features currently and they’re not included with the new Linnworks price plans that suit your business, give them a call and they’ll add the feature to your new plan. They don’t want to take anything away from existing customers even if you move to a cheaper plan.

Immediate seller reactions on Facebook

“Linnworks close on 10 years now – with a Magento site so looking now at just bolting onto that and moving on”

“We have just paid out annual subscription and I don’t think there was a price increase? When discussing what Linnworks costs maybe take a step back and ask yourself what Linnworks Saves you?”

“We have gone from “£2,600 to £5,400!”

“Something is not correct here. £1,500 to £20,000 per year for us!”

This seems like a mega price rise, but Linnworks tell us that such a massive price increase isn’t happening.

Responding to this particular comment, Linnworks told us that they have loyalty schemes for existing customers (you can see yours simply by logging into Linnworks) and they are encouraging all users to get in touch with the Linnworks sales team using the links they received via email. This way Linnworks can calculate the accurate price change and help their customers with the best solution.

“We’re mainly FBA so my first move is to remove these accounts from Linnworks. It does bugger all to justify charging users for this. No repricing, shipment managements, ad management etc. They have lost their minds”

“Fee’s doubling and that’s us already over the max for orders within the plan you are suggesting. So every future increase in our business increases our fees with you. I’m one of the longest standing customer in Linnworks – I’ve seen some changes good & bad and stuck with it and I’ve seen increases in fees obviously but normally they have been more or less inline with business growth – Having to pay for more users etc, But not this time – I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss out get out plan.”

Linnworks rationale behind the new Linnworks Price Plans

“The current user-based model forces us to spread costs amongst our customers equally. If we don’t adjust, then we would be forced to charge unfair fees to smaller businesses, to cover the costs from our heaviest users. Our flexible new plans ensure that you only pay for your own operational use of Linnworks.”
– Callum Campbell, CEO, Linnworks

Linnworks say that all the new plans come with unlimited users, so you can grow your business and hire more staff without having to worry about your Linnworks subscription increasing. They added that they want to sure that their pricing is fair and say that the best way to do this would be to charge according to how much value a business gets out of Linnworks, and order volumes are a good metric for this. By aligning order volumes with subscription price, Linnworks say that they can make sure that you only pay for what you use.

Linnworks added that one of their top priorities is making sure that Linnworks is fast and so SKU limits are designed to move truly massive databases onto higher plans where the extra resources needed to manage them are allocated fairly.

  • Sebastina
    1 year ago

    Yeah right! They announce a price increase and their printer server goes down for 2 hours … yet again! (how many time have printing services (invoices and labels) been down over the last month? 3 times? Sometimes the outage took the whole day.

    Our price increase will be from £1500 to £5400 a year for the Advance option, I expect our total costs to be in the region of £6000-£7000. That’s the costs of a part-time employee or a small warehouse per year.

    It’s a shame, we have built our organisation purely on Linnworks (even though it is lacking in many areas, but we made do). Getting time now to have a look at the alternatives. At that total costs per year, I would be surprised if we can’t find something suitable somewhere else. We have paid our subscription until September, so got a little time to sort it.

    It is a massive disruption at an economical difficult time for the retail sector, bad timing!

    • 1 year ago

      Hey Sebastina,

      My name is Tiago and I work with a number of brands and retailers. keen to have an open conversation about your business and see if we can help.

      My number is 0203 014 2690 or email me on

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,

    • Mark
      1 year ago

      Note to Sebastina – don’t call ChannelAdvisor!

    • 1 year ago

      Don’t use Channel Advisor

    • David
      1 year ago

      Yes DONT!

  • Tom
    1 year ago

    £1800 to £5400 – I imagine the number of customers who save money out of these new plans to be minimal. Tripling the price with a few months notice is a shock.

  • Matthew Price
    1 year ago

    I have been with Linnworks for over 8 years. A loyal customer through and through. Yesterday from nowhere came a pricing increase, which on top of the big hike at the end of 2016, will reflect a 7 fold increase to my subscription.

    Look carefully at the new pricing before considering Linnworks. The opening package doesn’t look too bad but take a closer look at your margin per order and then ask yourself whether the model is scalable for your business. If the answer is no then look elsewhere immediately. If the answer is yes then consider what would happen if Linnworks doubled, trebled or quadrupled its pricing in a year or two. Sounds crazy….. well this is what has happened twice in the last three years for many of its loyal customers.

    Worth taking the risk???

  • Todd
    1 year ago

    Their price increase is..not 10% more, not 25% more, not 50% more…but a whole…100%. Yes DOUBLE. Utter Greed.

    It’s a kick in the nuts. Their pricing tiers now include limit on order numbers. So you can only sell X many orders. If you sell more then you better be prepared for a penalty How much? 0.14p on the standard plan which most of us will be on.

    What happens if you receive an order downloaded from a channel which requires cancelling before dispatch? Yes you’ll get charged for that. So you’ll already be at a loss before serving that customer.

    They’ve announced a “loyalty” scheme where if you upgrade now between now and August you’ll get a discount on these new tiers of pricing. If you dont upgrade then you’ll have to go on to the extortionate tiers thereafter.

    But what cheeses me off is that they are charging you a fee to also upgrade, not cheap – somewhere between 2-300 pounds to users like us who are on an annual plan.

    So, if you were paying 1400 on a standard plan, you’ll now either pay 2800 (if you get in on the “loyalty scheme” or 3600 if you wait to upgrade later on after the August deadline.

    • Todd
      1 year ago

      If you are looking for a better solution and the # leader in the industry call me.



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      Senior Sales Development, ChannelAdvisor
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  • Darren
    1 year ago

    This is great news for us, we are developing an in-house system and were thinking about opening it up to third parties to use. Perhaps with the likes of Linnworks pricing themselves out of the market it might be a worthwhile investment after all.

    Would be interesting to hear what people think a system to rival Linnworks should look like, what are the essential things it needs?

    • Hi Darren,

      I work for a company called ChannelAdvisor, I would love to discuss this in more detail. Send me an email:

    • Darren
      1 year ago

      @Gabriella, thanks but we are not looking for another provider, we have most of the functionality we need built and gives us full control over all aspects. It is just that it is not packaged for other merchants to use. We had a discussion about the possibility of making it available and the development costs to do so. These fee increases from Linnworks gives us the incentive to potentially take on another developer to package it into a product that can be offered to other merchants.

  • Hui
    1 year ago

    We are a loyal customer of Linnworks over last 7 years. We would pay at least over £12000 more per year according to the new Plan. Is this a away of kicking loyal customers out???

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Hui have you spoken to Linnworks yet to see what they can do for you? If not can you report back with the price once you have?

    • Linnworks User
      1 year ago

      Seems like a way to punish the big users in an attempt to remove them, as they mustn’t be able to cope with the volumes. It certainly seems that way when waiting 2 hours on a live chat response.

      Also, a seller on £1.5m revenue is very unlikely to want to pay £20,880 MINIMUM upfront.

      Linnworks clearly have no idea how big a £1.5m turnover business is and how big they think online retail margins are.

  • sam
    1 year ago

    Channelgrabber are offering discounts for any linnworks users looking to jump ship

    • 1 year ago

      Channel Grabber was the first company we tried and moved to Linnworks from because they wanted a percentage of our revenue I wouldn’t advise them!

    • sam
      1 year ago

      Adam Broadhead – I think you’re confusing it with ChannelAdvisor.

      ChannelGrabber do not require a percentage of your revenue

    • Adam
      1 year ago

      I am definitely not Sam I was sat right there in the meeting with the two founders. It was a while back but it most definitely happened as we had “outgrown” the current subscription model.

  • 1 year ago

    As many have commented, this is a significant price raise for many customers… as a ChannelGrabber employee I’m happy to announce that any dissatisfied Linnworks users signing up for ChannelGrabber this month can use the special discount code LINNWORKS and receive £50 off their advertised monthly price for 12 months – a massive £600 saving as a welcome gift! 😉

  • 1 year ago

    As a team member at Cloud Commerce Pro, we’ve been discussing this since the news started to leak yesterday afternoon.

    At Cloud Commerce Pro, we’ve helped plenty of Linnworks customers migrate over the past four years, including several after their last price hike.

    Depending on how clean your data is, we can expect to migrate a Linnworks customer in around four weeks, as well as integrating with more sales channels, couriers, logistics services and more.

    We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Loyal Linnworks User
    1 year ago

    Absolutely ridiculous and completely greedy.

    Our plan will now increase from £5,500 to almost £20,000. And for what? The system is poor and they’re more interested in making YouTube videos about features they can’t even get working. Instead triple loyal customers’ pricing and keep making pointless videos.

    Great to see the new CEO making such a positive impact for loyal customers.

    This will have the opposite effect of what he’s trying to achieve of making more profit.

    • Hi,

      I would love to discuss this in more detail with you, are you able to email me? My email address is

      Many thanks,

    • Loyal Linnworks User
      1 year ago


      We don’t work with companies who hide their pricing from customers. We only work on fixed price plans.

    • 1 year ago


    • Loyal Linnworks User
      1 year ago

      What does £833 get you?

    • 1 year ago

      Send me an email and we can discuss!

    • Dan
      1 year ago

      Surely you have a website page so that we can all see the features you get for £833? Why all the secrecy? Tell us the price, features order and SKU allowances and if it’s that good a deal we’ll all sign up.

    • @Dan, apologies for the typo. Our software pricing depends on a variety of aspects hence why we don’t have fixed pricing on our website. We run a bespoke pricing model.

    • Dan
      1 year ago

      So what are you offering for £833? A simple list of features would do…

    • Looking for an alternative
      1 year ago

      Typo? LOL! “I meant to type ‘Our software pricing depends on a variety of aspects’ but my finger slipped and I typed £833 by mistake”.

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard any first hand positive about Channel Advisor. All previous users I have spoken moved to something else for a good reason and warned me to stay clear.

    • Mark Norton
      1 year ago

      I’ll tell you what £833 will get you. Not much.
      And there’ll be a cut of revenue over a certain amount of turnover too.

      We left a year or two ago after being one of their longest serving customers. Live chat was open for 3 hours a day on 2 days a week or something crazy like that.

      The orders module had nothing which enabled you to dispatch from it – everything needed 3rd party integrations (and of course you have to pay those 3rd partys a monthly fee too).

  • 1 year ago

    Lol….i love how Channel Advisor are sniffing all over this post, these sharks never miss a trick, anyone thinking of going to Channel Advisor….my sincerest advice is please dont’t even think about it….do not even let them have your phone number,,,they will literally hound you!!!

  • Loyal Linnworks User
    1 year ago

    What are the best Linnworks alternatives? For 50,000+ orders per month and 10,000 SKUs.

  • Tony
    1 year ago

    Our pricing will go from £1800 to £5400, we don’t even use all the features of linnworks, disgraceful. Definately going to be moving. My loyalty plan today shows 1500 orders included instead of 1000. Not paying nother 14p for another 1500 orders!!

    Can anyone suggest a cheaper solution? seem to be a lot out there but dont want to waste time trying them all about.

    • sam
      1 year ago

      Try ChannelGrabber

    • 1 year ago

      Try Khaos Control Cloud


    • Billy
      1 year ago

      Please try selro for 1 hour!

      I don’t work for them but I will be promoting them for the rest of my business life!

  • 1 year ago

    Channel Advisor doesn’t even manage your inventory for you, you need to use a 3rd party integration…..

  • 1 year ago

    For anyone interested in opting for an alternative system that you can trust, Khaos Control Cloud is an ERP software with room to grow to our big brother product Khaos Control.

    Our business management solutions are catered for businesses of any size.

    • Tim
      1 year ago

      Can vouch for Khaos Control. The onsite “big brother” version can be a little scary to get started with but has a boatload of features and they’re very open to customisation when needed. Always answer the phone, always answer support tickets.

      The cloud version – an ideal alternative to Linnworks etc and there’s not a predatory bone in a single Khaos staff member, they won’t hassle the hell out of you.

      We’ve been with them for nearly 10 years now and still performing well.

  • Tom
    1 year ago

    Also – what’s going to be the situation with unpaid or canceled orders. Surely this isn’t fair to have these get charged or counted against your order quota. We receive hundreds of unpaid item cancellations a month.

    • Ian
      1 year ago

      I’m leaving anyway, but I got onto live chat late last night about this and was assured that cancelled and unpaid orders would not get charged against your quota. Also merged orders would only count the original orders and not the resulting one.

  • Pete
    1 year ago

    We only use the order printing feature and to collate all our orders into one place, we don’t use any of the inventory or other features.

    Our cost has gone from £4,320 a year to £47,100, haha…..???

  • Amberta
    1 year ago


    Linnworks in an OK system. Nothing to roam about. They do stock management, order management, label printing, courier integration.

    Their reporting tools are non-existent.
    Customer support is via chat and is very slow, even in emergency.
    They use a cloud printing system that occasionally goes down and you cant print orders.

    We have to use a lot of alternative software to run everything smoothly.

    But It’s OK. For the price it does what it needs to…

    HOLD ON.

    out of the blue they decided to increase our annual rate from:

    to 13390

    And that’s the LOYALTY price plan and with 12 month commitment. And if we remain stagnant for the next 12 months.

    In this price plan, they charge 0.12 p per order over your tiny allowance and 0.6 p per FBA order.

    What exactly do they do to justify getting paid for an FBA order, I don’t know. They don’t even do FBA inventory tracking?!

    • LW USER1
      1 year ago

      These guys just want to cash in on our hard work.
      Your right the FBA side of LW is bad, you cant even “send stock” to FBA you have to manually remove stock which is a big flaw so why should they have a revenue share

  • Ash
    1 year ago

    I don’t recommend cloud commerce pro that’s for sure. No help and customer service is a joke.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Ash,

      I’m sorry to hear you had a bad time with us.

      I would say, though, that our support is one of the things we receive the most praise for:

      That being said, I’ve been with the company around half a year now and I know that in that time we’ve been building our support team out further, and developing extra automated services. We’ve also expanded the team that handle migration and setup, to speed up the time to get our customers up and running. I don’t know when you had these problems?

      We have had quite a few customers migrate to us from Linnworks over the years, and our team is very familiar with Linnworks migrations.

    1 year ago

    Linnworks, what can I say. Some great features BUT LACKING in what a business needs most. The dashboards are a waste of time and don’t even get me started on the “reports”. When enquired about the “new analytics” only 10 or more users could have access to it before their pricing changed. We were promised a heap of new features such as inventory forecasting etc etc and where is it?
    A Price increase can be justified if new features make it worth while. Support is also bad they have no knowledge of the product always looking for the easiest way out.
    Print Servers always crashing and causing issues.
    Happy to pay money but in the last 12 months after being promised with NEW FEATURES all i have seen is a beta open orders screen that is really bad, and not sure why its in beta. So all this time what have the LW developers been developing. Each month you have Linn focus videos showing “new things” but when do we get them how long do we wait?

    Honestly LW you need to get your act together software like VEEQO add new features almost everyday (I do not use it, I still use LW) but thats because if you consider the time and cost element moving away right now for me doesnt justify it. Just add the new features and no one will mind the price increases

  • Linnworks User
    1 year ago

    I’m probably the only business that will not see a price rise, as I’m low volume, high margin. However I’ve 70,000 skus most old discontinued lines, so I’m having to delete a lot.

    On the phone today to them, they arrogantly said “last time we put up prices, lots moaned and threatened to leave but most stayed”. I think it will be different this time.

    I’ve been with Linnworks for 8 yrs or so, and it’s a good system in many ways. The original founders are good, articulate, hard working people. It all seems to have changed since they appointed this new CEO. He looks too young and appears inexperienced to run a growing company. He clearly has underestimated the strength of feeling.

    I wonder if there will be a mass rally outside their offices, similar to the climate change ones?!

    Their trust pilot review has gone to 20% Bad reviews in 2 days, and they are bottom of the pile. I’d also go there to voice views….maybe they will do a u turn?

  • James
    1 year ago

    If you want to see something ironic just watch this video from Callum Campbell (the CEO) at Linn Academy.

    The whole video is him talking to other people about the exact opposite of what they have done here.

    The best part starts at 12:20…..

    • Elvis
      1 year ago

      haha, how fitting lol.

  • Tony
    1 year ago

    I think Linnworks should price the separate features, So people can pay for what they need, I only use the inventory sync and order management, and am sure most people only use features relevant to them and not everything.

    Last time they increased the price and made a big fuss about how many users you can have and prices per user, I decreased users and lived with the price change but this time it is just ridiculous.

    Linnworks knows that changing to another is going to be a big hassle for many people so they might get away with it.

  • 1 year ago

    is there any alternative to linnworks for small business?

    • ifellow
      1 year ago

      Try onestoporders.

      Great for small business. They are still updating to get printing working with the new royal mail click and drop system, but they worked flawlessly with netdespatch.

      I left linnworks 3 years ago, and trailed a few services but onestoporders fitted my needs better than anyone. It reminds me of how linnworks started out and what it was meant to be until they analysed sellers data in the cloud and thought we can rinse all their profits.

      Now I’m comfortable, I don’t think id change, even if click and drop add stock management. Its worth the price.

      Hopefully, they won’t do a ‘Linnworks’

  • Dav
    1 year ago

    I have been with linnworks all the way back to when they only had linnworks desktop with local database. Back then the system was very responisive, you could tap directly into the local SQL database and easily create your own reports.

    After the move to LInnworks with Cloud Database things started going downhill.

    I wish someone would build something like desktop again

    As for the current linnworks offering, it is buggy and i have problems on a daily basis with it. I mean, Shift A to select all orders does not even work properly.

    I am looking at other options and expect to leave linnworks within the next 2 weeks.

    • ifellow
      1 year ago

      Onestoporders does what you want

  • Billy
    1 year ago

    Callum Campbell what a non sense comment about spreading the cost! I am a small seller and your new plan would cost me %200 rise of my monthly payment!

    I already signed up with selro. I couldn’t believe how beautiful this selro once I start using it! I already tuned the software with in my needs and it works like a charm. And I don’t need to pay £50 extra ( new package cost £450 + adding for xero + VAY ) why in the earth I had to pay to integrate my accountant software? This is free with all other multichannel softwares!

    I lost my faith with linnworks! To set up my all 4 channels ( I use bonanza too but no support with LW ) and other integrations took me 3 months to reach perfect stability and all these time was wasted .

    Now even if they offer me %90 discount no! Thanks! Selro has many extra benefits or easy use plus I will only pay £69 including the VAT.

  • 1 year ago

    As the CEO of a competitor, I should be the last one to defend Linnworks but I think the move to “order based” pricing is the one the matches the value you get from the platform.

    Linnworks probably has customers doing 50k monthly orders paying them £150 a month. Imagine that customer sells on 10 sales channels, that’s 500k of inventory updates they have to push up to sales channels every month, Linnworks would be losing a lot of money on that customer.

    I’m not condoning the price they are charging per order or the way they have handled existing customers. The mistake was not moving to this style of pricing about 10 years ago so they would not have this huge change now, which understandably a lot of people are upset about.

    Truth is they will lose a chunk of customers (high volume, low margin) but the extra revenue they make from the customers that stay will make up for it.

    Their real challenge is they had a desktop application that was the go-to solution but they have been moving to the cloud and it’s like starting from scratch, they probably still don’t have feature parity with desktop after x years doing it.

    Younger companies like Veeqo were born in the cloud, so we can add and improve features much easier. For example this week we are going to launch our inventory forecast feature to help our customers predict what stock they need and send orders in bulk to suppliers.

    • Billy
      1 year ago

      How can the majority of the competitors can achieve the low rates? My company sales 3000 products per month and some of the goods I sell with £0.20 profit margin I am a relatively small business and LW asking me to pay £600 per month which is more than the cost of Ebay anchor shop! What is your company name? I want to note it to make sure never call you!

    • Mark
      1 year ago


      You raise an interesting point, however I would argue that SKU count and Order count aren’t always a true representation of how much I cost my provider.

      We use Linnworks for dispatch (~100k orders pa) and for stock control of 200 SKUs pushing stock levels to 2 channels. Thats it. At a push we run maybe 5 reports a week.

      There could be another user with the same kind of figures who hammers the living daylights out of the system – pushing listing changes out, configuring with 15 channels, updating prices daily, hammering their reporting systems.

      I would say that we barely tickle the surface as far as using resources go, so not all customers are created equal based purely on order numbers.

    • 1 year ago


      Agree with you on SKU count. Products sitting in a database cost very, very little.

      What costs money is actions, so for every order we have to fire off API calls which costs money to do the following:

      1/ Updating stock at multiple sales channels
      2/ Go through rules engine and take actions like assigning carrier/tags etc..
      3/ Assign to picking queue
      4/ Request and getting shipping label from a carrier
      5/ Updating original sales channel to mark it shipped
      6/ Email shipping information to end customer (and further tracking updates)

      It does seem in your case that you are on the lower usage of the scale and hence affected more than others.

      With our pricing we charge in groups of orders to make your monthly price more predictable and you can choose different plans depending on what features you need.

  • Hi all,

    we at plentymarkets have discussed this and we will be offering a 10% Discount on your first years subscription as well as a free data transfer (Products) to our system.
    Feel free to contact myself ( or check us out at we have a really flexible pricing to suit everyones needs.
    Get one of our sales Guys to give you a demo of our product:


  • 1 year ago

    Try One Stop Order Processing from only £6.25 + VAT per month with no charge per order. We offer a fully automated order processing system from automatic order import, courier label creation and stock management on and offline with our smart stock system. We are currently about to release our updated Royal Mail integration that will allow you to print all of your labels in seconds. Try our software free for 21 days this includes a free training session to help you get setup and processing your orders in no time.

    We have been developing One Stop Order Processing, in the UK, since 2002 and is used by many internet sellers with several using our software for over 10 years. If you would like to know more information please visit our website at

    • ifellow
      1 year ago

      onestoporders worked well for me.

      It reminds me of how linnworks started out.

      I’m certainly no shill, read my other comments here. Ive been happy since leaving linnworks 3 years ago.

      Pat Strassen ‘Please dont do a linnworks’

    • 1 year ago

      > Pat Strassen ‘Please dont do a linnworks’

      We won’t be.

      We have used the same model for 17 years now and it’s simple and it works. We don’t see issues with the system being over utilised by some customers as it is a PC based system and the software communicates directly with the various websites (e.g. Ebay, Amazon, RoyalMail, MyHermes),

    • Amberta
      1 year ago

      Used One Stop Orders for ~3 years before moving to Linnworks. Have nothing, but positive things to say. Desktop solution that manages all your orders, inventory, email sequences, e.t.c. Reporting fully customizable unlike linnworks.

      Unfortunately, as we grew, we decided to move to cloud based platform, it was harder to set up OSOP running on each new computer.

      All the best to you guys!

    • ifellow
      1 year ago

      Onestoporders. No.1 for small and medium-sized businesses. No Doubt about that!

      The only hiccup is a move to click and drop, but netdepatch still works perfectly. So there hasn’t been any downtime anyway.

  • ifellow
    1 year ago

    Lol, Love this company, Proper greedy.

    The more customer input data, sales and profits, the more linnworks wants.

  • ifellow
    1 year ago

    Lol, Love this company, Proper greedy.

    The more customer input data, stocks, sales and profits, the more linnworks wants.

  • 1 year ago

    I think that any company using a “order based” pricing is a lot fairer than those that tax you on sales turnover.

    Somebody selling 1,000 items a month is using more resources than a person selling 100 items a month, but the person who sells 100 items may be turning over far more money.

    However, Linnnworks seems very expensive for the basic entry level 1,000 orders @£150 pm and I would not pay their prices.

    My system is simple:

    WordPress website – FREE
    Woocommerce shop add-on – FREE
    WP-Lister Pro (eBay) – $149 per year- Reduced to $104 in 2nd year
    WP-Lister Pro (Amazon) – $149 per year- Reduced to $104 in 2nd year

    Easy to list stock on both eBay & Amazon as well as your own website shop front, should you wish.

    Unlimited orders
    Unlimited eBay stores
    Unlimited Amazon stores
    Unlimited SKU’s
    Stock control
    Inventory sync between eBay & Amazon

    All orders and customer data is kept in your own website and invoices / packing notes printed from that system.

    Extra cost is the hosting which could be as little as $150 per year or, if you do not want a website, host on an old computer in your own office.

    I have tested this system at 5,000+ orders in a month with no problems during the Black Friday / Christmas rush but see no reason why it could not handle far more than that.

  • I currently pay £3800 for my annual subscription, Linnworks told me yesterday that new pricing plan will cost me over £36000.00 per year provided my business doesn’t grow!!!!!! a 950% increase on what I’m paying. I get it that larger sellers create more orders requiring larger space, but 14p per order to hold you order information is crazy, they aren’t a marketplace where by the costs are the same to all sellers on the matching SKU,ASIN,ITEM . The thing that makes it more of a kick in the teeth is that I have been a customer for 8 years and they send out a “loyality plans” emai, WHAT LOYALITY????. It always amazes me when at Linnlive every year I’m always amazed by the huge amount of development and new features that they are building, which less then 5% of customers have even asked for or will use. I use Linnworks to hold my inventory and connect to channels and postal providers. In the 8 years I have used Linnworks (I still use desktop as it does everything I want), they have never released anything new that I wanted as it always did want I wanted it to 8 years ago. If they need to price hicks to cover development, stop developing feature that no one is asking for!!!!!!! Or charge those who want development, not sellers how are happy with what they have.

    I have never seen so many replies on a tamebay post, which clearly show how many people will be leaving Linnworks.

    PS don’t anybody use Channeladvisor, they are rubbish and also think that they should get a percentage of every sale.

    • ifellow
      1 year ago

      Dont worry in another 3 years the pricing will change again.

      £36000.00 x 5 = 180,000 (as long as your business doesn’t grow.)

      But don’t worry they have a loyalty scheme, so you can pay £105,000 for the first year.

      Thats called doing a ‘linnworks’

  • dave
    1 year ago

    £36000.00 is cheap anyway, it will be at least double in another 3 years.

  • Leigh
    1 year ago

    Classic case of ‘Bait & Switch’

  • ifellow
    1 year ago

    ‘1,000 Inclusive Orders per month’

    Surely if this was all about ‘fairness’ and not allowing overuse.

    They should allow unused order credit to roll over each month? I mean that would be also fair right to help mitigate any slow months or holiday periods.

    • Tom
      1 year ago

      That’s a perk for annual subscribers, to counteract the fact that if you cancel early you aren’t refunded the unused months.

  • 8 Years Linnworks User
    1 year ago

    Trustpilot has gone from 8.4/10 to 2.8/10 in under 24 hours. Great work from the new, in-experienced ‘CEO’.

    You can also review them on Google by searching Linn Systems.

  • gotolauch
    1 year ago

    Linnworks updated the website today

  • 1 year ago

    Expandly representative here! That was quite some hike. Although, being in the industry we do understand that multi-channel management is a complex problem requiring complex tech and large servers – all very costly.

    For those of you looking for a cheaper alternative, our pricing starts at £40 with no limit on order volume.

    How so cheap? We’re passionate about being affordable for small businesses and have built our pricing model accordingly, absorbing tech and server costs through scale. We’ve only ever had one price increase, which was minimal and wasn’t imposed upon existing customers (Mr £10 a month – thanks for being so loyal!)

    If you’d like a free trial or demo – head over! We’ve made some huge changes recently – come and take a look.


    • 1 year ago

      @niki_tibble Not sure if your SKU’s/order ratio is quite right

      5,000 skus and only selling <£100,000 turnover per year, what would people be selling, penny sweets?

      The jump from starter to standard is so much, 10x more SKU's and a ceiling of 30x the starter for £99 pm

      Don't get me wrong, great value if you are turning over the £3m ceiling or even £1m+, but I would be paying the same for a £250K+ turnover with less than 1,000 SKU's

      It is not obvious if your pricing includes VAT so I assume it does not

  • EdajOvor
    1 year ago

    Review Linnworks and Help spread the “good word”,1,,,

    So, looking at alternatives.

    Our Requirements:

    We process around 5000 orders a month, low value. We have 1 user, around 500 Inventory Items. We integrate with Royal Mail OBA/DHL Parcel UK/Parcelhub. We have 2 eBay Stores, an Amazon Store, 2 Woocommerce Stores.

    We would need the following features at least: Inventory mapping to all channels (stock levels), order management, order filtering (i.e. different tabs for different couriers), order sorting (i.e. by SKU then weight), order rules, shipping integration rules (based on weights/shipping cost/postcodes), ability to edit/create templates for postage labels for each integration (we customise our labels to include picking info for example and logos depending on the channel source), ability to export order information and data to a spreadsheet, batch processing orders, adding manual orders.

    All paying less than £250 inc VAT a month.

    Any suggestions?

    • 1 year ago

      @EdajOvor It really depends on what your setup is and how intergrated the stock is to the two websites you have on Woocomerce.

      As I said above, I use WPLister for my eBay & Amazon channels, that would run both the Woocom stores as well as import all orders from Amazon & eBay

      That would cost you just £250.00 a year

      I currently only use Royal Mail, which takes all my data from the woo commerce store.

      For what you need it is possible to do for around £1,000 a year at a guess but may need to spend £500- 1,000 to set it all up.

      You can export order data, creating various rules, from woo to excel using a plugin,

      I am not sure if you can do some of what you need through Royal Mail C&D, or maybe another multi shipping solution, like Parcelhub, taking all the order data from the woocom store.

      The two woocom stores can be merged into one multi-site, something I am currently working on, or will be on my next holiday, as I have three that I want to merge.

    • 1 year ago

      We are in the process of trying MultiOrders. We are having a one to one demo on Monday and then a 15 day free trial. Looks like you could do the same with a massive saving, might be worth a look.

    • 1 year ago

      Try my software, One Stop Order Processing, it can do everything you need for less than £100 a month, there is a free trial here :

  • Andy
    1 year ago

    I have to add to this, pretty much same as everyone else.

    We pay £2880 a year, this is going up to £32,000 a year based on the new pricing model. We are a high volume low order value/margin seller.

    The last big price hike was justified by charging based on the number of users and the promotion of better tech support…

    Live chat takes over an hour to reply, the phone lines are constantly busy and I’ve still got a ticket open since March 2017 that has not been answered (wish I could post screen shot)

    I genuinely hope this was indeed an ill thought out idea on the new CEOs part and after taking into consideration the customer back lash they will re-consider their pricing approach.

    He was a currency trader for HSBC in his previous job so is use to maximising profits, but he needs to consider the customers of Linnworks in this situation.

    Anyone can put their prices up to what ever they want, but without considering it’s impact on the very people that provide you with your revenue is a dangerous and ignorant process.

    They obviously know how many customers they have, and can run reports on how many SKU/orders are being processed by each user and so would have been aware of what the potential extra revenue increase would be for them. I am genuinely interested as to how they predicted the customer base would react to this increase.

    Sure, as a business it is necessary to increase your revenue/profitability (like we all do) but what business suddenly decides to increase the price of their product/service by over 400% (or in our case a 1000% increase)

  • JonSnow
    1 year ago

    I appreciate the ending of Games of Thrones wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but this is not the way to vent your anger Linnwork’s.

    Why on earth would you appoint Millennial/CEO Callum John Campbell, don’t you know he is a direct descendant of a Targaryen.

    The city was already his. But like they say “give a crazy man a dragon and he will burn the city to the ground” with no regard for the casualties.

    This city was built on us on Loyal Linnworks users like us and this is how you repay us.

    Can i also point out that the company should rename itself to LinnDoesntWork.

    • Tony
      1 year ago

      Ha Ha,

  • Dave
    1 year ago


    We too have been hit by a 500% price increase and that’s AFTER talking to Linnworks.

    Software is buggy, and poorly designed, many promised features never materialised or did but never work well.


    Monday printing FREQUENTLY FAILS… they were in denial for so long about this …had a rep even tell me there was no problem…which was a BIG FAT PORKY PIE

  • Dave
    1 year ago

    Are there any laws in the UK that would enable customers to take legal action against Linnworks or report them to any Goverment departments?

    It seems a 1000% increase in price is not something that is being made in good faith

    Another thing we can do is setup a gofund me page to get some money together for a lawyer to get an injunction to stop the price rise.

    Linnworks say they have 4000 customers. If all contributed 5 pound we would have a 20,000 pound war chest to hire lawyers with.

    • LJ
      1 year ago

      Legal action? Seriously! Dave no one is forcing you or anyone else to pay it. If the price is too much you can walk away and go with another company. Unless you are tied into a long term contract that forces you to pay this, with no get out clause then I cant see what grounds anyone would have to take legal action? If Tesco decided to charge £25 for a loaf of bread tomorrow, then you would walk away and shop somewhere else. You wouldn’t take legal action against them!

      I think the price rise is disgusting. I feel sorry for those that have used Linnworks for years and built the business around it. Take a huge financial hit, or deal with the stress and hassle of finding another supplier.

  • Damian penfold
    1 year ago

    You’d think a 300 per cent price rose 3 years ago would be enough.

    That’s 100 percent a year up till now.

    Now a 400 to 800 per cent increase on a product that’s not even cheap to begin with.

    I wouldn’t go back to linnworks even if it was £20 a month. It needs to much investment time wise and they would screw you over again.

    Apearrantly linnworks have enough sellers who are clearly making enough money to pay them more than I pay for my warehousing to jack up prices at this rate. Any other company would have gone busy by now.

  • Ex-Linworks custumer
    1 year ago

    Indeed the New Linnworks pricing is a disgrace.
    We been with Linnworks for 4 years, was paying £3000 per year now if I want to carry on the now price that we have to pay will be £14.500 per year, an increase of £11.500.

    I am not sure what Linnworks have in mind by doing this, but I am not going to stay a minute longer with them, there are a lot of other companies that can deliver the same things as linnworks for a lower cost…
    I been shopping around in the last few days and I found at least 6 good alternatives to linnworks that will be quite cheaper than the price we’ve paid linnworks last year.

    My bet is that Linnworks is losing customers by the minute as these prices are unreasonable and extreme high for a service that dont have anything extra than the competition.
    If you look around you will see that there are a good number of alternatives for a very reasonable prices, just to name a few of the ones I’ve checked this week: Shipstarion, Veeqo, Selro… jt are just a few that privide the exact same service as linnworks for a better price, but if you dig a little deep you will be find more alternatives.

  • Mark
    1 year ago

    Linnworks say that all the new plans come with unlimited users, so you can grow your business and hire more staff without having to worry about your Linnworks subscription increasing.

    I find this comment above particularly irritating. If you grow your business then undoubtedly your sales will increase which will lead a higher subscription costs via the cost per order, that’s a typical comment from an out of touch company

    this all very much reminds me of Ebay speak, wrapping up a poo trying to make it look like it’s not a poo but when you unwrap it’s undoubtedly a poo.

    Linnworks totally have the lost the plot, why didn’t they just charge a bit extra for those shipping over 2000 orders a month? instead of going overboard, they could have charged maybe £20-50 more a month for larger businesses and whilst customers don’t like increases it would have been far better than the PR disaster they find themselves in.

  • James
    1 year ago

    Our monthly payment will go from from £600 to £4500. 3 months notice. Crazy.

  • Todd
    1 year ago

    By the way if you’re considering StoreFeeder, it’s parent company is the Royal Mail who acquired in 2015.

    We’d seen this as the most credible alternative to Linnworks in terms of functionality and price, however given this discovery – it is admittedly slightly less appealing.

    For some, given the price increase, they may sadly have no other choice.

    • 1 year ago

      Considering how Royal Mail are shutting down label printing through NetDespatch at the end of this week, having given just a month’s notice, I’d be very wary of using any other Royal Mail owned company to run my whole business on without some serious reassurances in writing before signing on the dotted line.

    • ifellow
      1 year ago

      Why royal mail click and drop system is really good ?

      If its anything to go by storefeeder should be stop on.

    • ifellow
      1 year ago

      Ps Royal Mail has extended Netdespatch because to many merchants said they couldn’t switch in time.

      Netdespatch was also bought by Royal mail, As before Click and drop is excellent it even uploads the tracking reference back to market places and supports several e-commerce carts as well.

      Don’t know it until you tried it.

    • 1 year ago

      Ifellow, did you see that we have released our new click and drop integration now, fully automated access from 1stoporders, it’s really good, we have been using it in house for a while now to ship orders from stores run by staff.

      Chris, I believe that Royal Mail are trying to boost recurring income, netdespatch was a free to merchant product and I think that it why it was withdrawn. No notice was given to us (1stoporders) as a developer, we know about the additional months netdespatch availability but only because our lovely customers told us. I think that there is a possibility that Royal Mail will move more systems to a pay per parcel usage but hope that they don’t.

  • GG
    1 year ago

    We were just about to move to Linnworks but at £630 per month compared to £150, I think we’ll pass!

  • Will
    1 year ago

    I don’t really know what the development team have been doing for the last 3 years.

    We were promised phone support 3 years ago, I can’t remember the last time anyone picked the phone up.

    For us we just want simple software that works namely
    – eBay/amazon integration
    – wife range of couriers integrated
    – ability to allocate shipping based on logic
    – inventory database
    – listing tool would be very useful
    – some output to accounting included

    We don’t really need the cloud, towards the end of local we had it working brilliantly on a LAN with the reassurance that the data would always be ours.

    We’ve been with linnworks from almost day 1, our first payment to them was to outright buy the software with an annual fee for updates.

    When they went cloud based we were promised a permanent ongoing discount for a cloud based service (I have this in writing) which in 2016 they would no longer honour.

    A great idea which has lost its way and treats its customers very badly.

    I cannot think of any way we have benefitted in the last 3 years despite bigger fees and seemingly endless staff pictured on the website.

    What I will say is it’s pretty reliable and when you get it working it does perform well but its overly complicated and many things which should be simple or included are add ons.

    The idea of having to pay to integrate with xero is comical.

    We’re certainly considering other options as it’s got to the point where they are charging for a perfect system with instant support and what your actually getting is incomplete with very limited support.

  • Andy
    1 year ago

    Linnworks was allot better when the database was local and we used the desktop client.

    It now just feels like it is in a continues state of beta (but they are charging as if it is finnished)

    Every year we go to the Linnacademy and every year we are told about these new amazing features in the pipeline but these features never work properly or never materialise.

    The whole system is clunky, the documentation on the website is out of date and when something does go wrong telephone support and live chat is unresponsive to the point where there is no point in raising the issue with them.

    All we want is a system that manages orders, inventory, channel sync and the ability to integrate with varies shipping companies, once this has been perfected and only then should the development team start looking at other features.

    Linnworks has now just become a project of constant tinkering. They should use our subscription money to get the basics working before asking for a 500% increase.

    I agree with what someone else said, create a basic system and charge for it, then have add ons that people can pay for if they need. 70% of things within Linnworks we do no need or want.

  • MVS
    1 year ago

    Hi, has anyone tried expandly (seems reasonale price) however not sure how to integrate Royal mail OBA account?

  • Todd
    1 year ago

    Hello to all current linnworks users.

    Please note, there was a Topic in the Forum on Linnworks relating to this price increase.

    It had 10 pages of replies. Today it has been deleted.

  • Edward
    1 year ago

    Linnworks have just called me and told me they are keeping prices the same as last year for all existing users. Email announcement coming from them soon!

  • will
    1 year ago

    I just thought I’d follow up on this to highlight how poor the functionality of linnworks is at a now extremely high price:

    – Want inventory forecasting? $99 per month add on (Inventory planner)
    – Want mobile connectivity? (which does very little) £4.99 a month (linndash)
    – want an electronic pick list? £10 per month (epicklist)
    – want zero integration? £14.99-£75 per month (ebusinessguru) – this is a total joke, a charge to export orders to accountancy software.

    You can easily add £100-200 per month for basic requirements on top of your Linnworks subscription only to be told when something doesn’t work “thats nothing to do with us, 3rd party issue”.

    I can live with that response at under £200 a month, at £1500 a month that’s a complete joke.

  • Adam
    1 year ago

    So it seems Linnworks have listened to us, Today loyal customers will have been told they can stay with the current price they are paying on the old model of pay per user. This is great news for most. How many people will have already planned their exit from Linnworks and will be sticking to their guns? I will be staying put I think. After doing my research the cost of moving from Linnworks would be very high for us and that isn’t counting any costs in training our staff on a new system.

  • Craig
    1 year ago
    • Todd
      1 year ago

      That’s the one.

      I knew it was in the General Queries Section and that’s where I’d checked yesterday and it was 100% not there.

      Thanks for Sharing

  • MVS
    1 year ago

    Just saw the email. I have lined up couple of demos (with other products) will analysis and then decide. I do agree with Adam (on the retraining cost) as we have been with Linnworks for 8 years now.

  • 1 year ago

    Pricing a software service like Linnworks is not easy and it’s particularly difficult if your customer base includes a mix of small and large businesses who want to use your service in very different ways.

    My company is home to the OrderFlow WMS/OMS platform. We’ve recently taken the decision to move our pricing structure in the opposite direction to Linnworks; replacing our old transaction based pricing with one that’s based on the functionality delivered and the number of concurrent users supported.

    We don’t aim to compete with Linnworks on price but if your business is despatching more that 1,000 orders a day or needs to support complex fulfilment processes I’d love to talk to you about what we can do.

    Charlie Armor
    Managing Director
    Realtime Despatch Software

  • will
    1 year ago

    Very good news for current users, also very reassuring that they promise to keep prices the same for 2 years and any increase in year 3 limited to 20%.

    An absolute shambles of an announcement but dealt with appropriately I would say.

    It does beg the question, if they can live with 1/3 of the revenue (in our case) what on earth were they planning on doing with all the extra money? As far as I can tell there was no mention of any major development to transform the system.

    I think we’ll still give expandly and selro a go on a trial, you never know they might actually be better in some ways.

    • JAnderson
      1 year ago

      “It does beg the question, if they can live with 1/3 of the revenue (in our case) what on earth were they planning on doing with all the extra money?”

      I agree. It is good that Linnworks have come to there senses and put there prices back to there orignal, affordable prices. A victory for there customers? There was a reason why they put the prices up. I thought it was to address the issues that people put into the various comments on Tamebay, Trustpilot reviews and other forums, e.g. long delays in support, bugs in software, slowness of software and so on. Now that they are not going to be getting there deemed required amount of money (5 or 6 times there current income) by raising prices how can they address any of these issues? It can only get worse as there customers grow and get more orders and need more support…

  • Al
    1 year ago

    “It does beg the question, if they can live with 1/3 of the revenue (in our case) what on earth were they planning on doing with all the extra money?”

    Maybe buying more of a fancy fleet of cars. There was a post on Trustpilot (now removed I think) which quoted the 2017 accounts as having spent approximately £32,000 on IT, and over £200,000 on cars, from a company making a loss.

  • 1 year ago

    If you know, you know!

    If you want to talk, that’s ok…. if you don’t, that’s ok too!

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