ChannelAdvisor now support Amazon Sponsored Brands ads

By Chris Dawson May 29, 2019 - 11:30 am

ChannelAdvisor have announced support for Amazon Sponsored Brands ads campaign creation and management using the Amazon Advertising API. This functionality will be available to all sellers and vendors who use ChannelAdvisor’s multichannel management platform.

Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads) is a powerful advertising option for sellers and vendors enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. These cost-per-click ads feature a customized design, a headline (think about your brand’s differentiating factor), your logo and a few product offerings.

The ad program is a powerful complement to the popular Sponsored Products program – especially as Amazon Sponsored Brands ads appear right at the top of the search results page and so are the first thing a consumer sees.

ChannelAdvisor’s Amazon Sponsored Brands ads features

  1. Easily create and edit Sponsored Brands campaign details

    From choosing the right creative and copy to refining and adding keywords, all campaign activities can now be managed directly in ChannelAdvisor. Use the Smart Select options to choose the right products for your Sponsored Brands campaigns.

  2. Aggregate performance information to refine your campaigns

    See how your Sponsored Brands campaigns are performing, so you know where and how to optimize bidding and product selection.

  3. Automate bidding actions

    Use ChannelAdvisor’s automated bidding technology to choose the right bid for your keywords based on performance thresholds that meet your business goals.

ChannelAdivsor can now enable their clients to manage both Amazon Sponsored Products and Amazon Sponsored Brands ads from within a single console. Using both Amazon ads programs gives you the widest possible exposure on Amazon increasing visibility, brand recognition and sales.

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