Bazar: new ethical consumerism marketplace

By Sasha Fedorenko May 29, 2019 - 3:53 pm

Bazar is a soon-to-be launched new marketplace which aims to promote sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly products. It is built on the inspiration of family members Alix and Finley Cope who wanted to connected buyers and sellers to form a community of ethical consumerism.

The marketplace will be available to join via app in July. The platform will enable sellers to promote and inform customers of their ethical product range via a forum on the app.

What does Bazar feature?

  1. Advanced search and filtering – enables shoppers to use filters to find the right product
  2. Adverts and pop-up free – the app is free from any advertising and pop-ups
  3. Automated notifications – the app notifies users of important events (e.g. order dispatched, new followers and votes)
    Accreditations – are visible in the form of badges and eco-labels for applicable sellers. Example accreditations include cruelty-free, organic, eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable and more.
  4. Instant chat – enables merchants to communicate with shoppers in real-time, through encrypted instant chat
  5. Product information – comprehensive information about products, detailed descriptions and images
  6. Discussion forum – merchants and sellers can join in existing or start new discussion threads
  7. Feeds – useful intuitive feeds suggest products, show products of followed brands and also display currently trending products
  8. Order management – for both current and historical orders
  9. Payment integration – the App allows payments by PayPal and Stripe
  10. Pro-Sellers Dashboard – for pro-sellers, all functionality is available on one screen, enabling smooth and easy management
  11. Questions & answers – enables shoppers and merchants to ask questions and respond to other users’ questions with answers
    Security features – Inbuilt hacker and malware protection and peace of mind for users
  12. Sellers profile – view statistics, ratings and reviews of a seller and individual products
  13. Support – all users can benefit from access to timely Bazar support and dispute escalation
  14. Storefront – each seller has a unique store to market their products

How can sellers join?

Sellers who wish to join the marketplace can pre-register at this page. The app will be available to download on both Google Play as well as the Apple Appstore. Sellers can also register to become a Pro-seller and gain access to features such as the Seller Dashboard.

What is the commission rate?

Bazar will charge merchants a commission rate based on the total transaction amount. A fee will be taken out directly from sellers’ PayPal accounts or cards attached to their account. It will be take out prior to being paid by a customer. Here is the table which  shows how the commissioning works:


Bazar presents an opportunity for merchants who trade in ethical products to access a new pool of highly engaged customers. Sellers can get more information via this email – [email protected]

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