‘Amazon is like Marmite:’ Steven Kluk of Trackpack

By Sasha Fedorenko May 16, 2019 - 12:43 pm

Amazon is like Marmite,” is how Steven Kluk of Trackpack refers to the ecommerce giant which he says marketplace sellers either love or hate. However, he says that marketplace sellers should get to love Marmite.

Speaking at a panel ‘What’s next for Amazon?’ at ChannelAdvisor Connect 2019, Steven Kluk chief executive officer of Trackpack, Ondřej Hradec head of ecommerce of Mascot Online B.V., Thijs Verhoef marketplaces expert of Brandsom and Sebastiaan van Dijk director of online sales and marketing of TomTom joined to discuss the influential force that’s driving the ecommerce.

What is Amazon doing that’s new and beneficial for marketplace sellers?

Steve points to technology being key in Amazon’s artillery. He says that Amazon artificial intelligence (AI) technology helped their business gather strategical insight. Amazon’s AI is finding common themes in our reviews, says Steve, so the insight gives us a comprehensive picture of our customers’ views on our product offering. This information allows us to strategically change our product offering to resonate with shoppers’ demands.

Sebastiaan says that Amazon advertising is an exciting area for businesses. When it comes to the Dutch location-based products company TomTom, Amazon adverting helps the company find a balance between the right amount of advertising and inundating shoppers. He says that finding equilibrium is vital.

Meanwhile, Ondřej says that Amazon aren’t providing merchants with enough data to improve customer experience.

On the other hand, Steven sees a different picture. He says that his outdoor technology business Trackpack receives a pool of data which requires a team of experts to decipher it. He says that he gets too much irrelevant information rather the insight the company needs – pointing to the lack of data transparency Amazon delivers to their merchants

Thijs Verhoef concludes the panel discussion by highlighting the proliferation of Chinese sellers on Amazon, without going into location abuse cases, he simply says that the increase of the competition is good.

  • 1 year ago

    I also said is that marketplace sellers should get to love marmite…

  • 1 year ago

    I said that they are not offering enough data in order to better understand your customers and to be more efficient. The data about the sales and your product performance are there of course. Also, please correct the company name. It is Mascot Online B.V. – next time, when you are willing to re-create the statements, at least try to rephrase it correctly please.

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