Aliababa puts philanthropy at the core of operations

By Sasha Fedorenko May 20, 2019 - 5:28 pm

If the earth is sick, no one is healthy,” is how Alibaba’s co-founder Jack Ma describes the philanthropy motto surrounding the business’ operations, as reported by Alizila.

This expression has echoed Alibaba’s new report findings which highlight the company’s three-pronged approach to ethical retailing.

Alibaba currently runs three platforms called Alibaba Philanthropy, Alipay Philanthropy and Each Person Three Hours which promote human welfare by putting together Chinese volunteers with humanitarian organisations.

Last 12 months saw three platforms raise more than £144 million in charitable donations. At the same time, more than 15 million people signed up to Each Person Three Hours platform, which listed more than 3.05 million new volunteer opportunities from 937 local nonprofit organisations.

Sustainability focus

The report also highlights Alibaba’s eco-friendly focus. In 2018, the Alibaba foundation made 28 million in donations and launched water protection programmes in 389 cities to protect 1,312 rivers. Alibaba also helped about 1,206 businesses promote sustainable operations.

This news highlights the aspect of sustainability and philanthropy being a significant part of the businesses’ model – favoured by consumers today. As consumers are becoming more aware of their brands’ operations, the onus is on businesses to run their companies in an ethical way. Otherwise, they might see the unforgiving consumers moving to their competitors if their business activities are against shoppers’ ethical standards.


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