Offers to baskets tool set to join eBay Seller Initiated Offer

By Sasha Fedorenko May 13, 2019 - 11:35 am

eBay have announced that an additional feature ‘offers to baskets’ is set to join eBay Seller Initiated Offer later this year.

The new tool will see sellers targeting shoppers who added merchants’ items to their baskets by sending them personalised messages to convert browsers into buyers. Offers to baskets will be available in mWeb, desktop and eBay native apps on iOS and Android.

The eBay Seller Initiated Offer — has started to roll out in the US, UK, Germany and Australia on desktop, mobile web and eBay native apps for iOS and Android.

Shoppers express interest on eBay by watching sellers’ items or adding them to baskets. For example, if a buyer adds shoes to their baskets or puts them on their watch list, that’s a signal that a buyer is interested in an item. The eBay Seller Initiated Offer is designed to connect merchants with prospects via a three-pronged approach:

  1. Sending offers to watchers
  2. Sending offers to buyers who have an item in their baskets
  3. Sending offers to shoppers via messages

Sending offers to watchers and offers in a message have already launched. However, eBay plan to launch offers to buyers with an item in their baskets later this year.

How does eBay Seller Initiated Offer works?

The eBay Seller Initiated Offer enables merchants to track shoppers’ interest via Sellers Hub. They can go into ‘active listings’ to see the customers that have shown interest.

Sellers can send exclusive offers with messages, personalised for the target audience. These targeted alerts will go to buyers that are watching or have merchants’ items in their baskets. These messages reach up to the 10 most recent people who expressed an interest in the item, ensuring that the offer is always relevant. Shoppers will receive them in the eBay app or email.

‘I want to make a deal. Let’s make it happen.’

eBay say that sellers have asked for this feature through community groups, social media and other channels. The eBay selling team responded to that feedback with this functionality to address the needs of the sellers. The eBay Seller Initiated Offers gives buyers another reason to make purchases wherever they are in their day.

Part of these eBay Seller Initiated Offer tools is ‘offer in message,’ which is an expansion of how sellers can reply back to buyers. For a long time, eBay buyers were able to send a message to sellers asking for a better price and sellers could reply back with a better offer. Before this update, buyers could only accept that offer through eBay’s website. Now eBay enabled it through their mobile app, allowing more buyers to shop while they’re on the move.

For buyers, this is another means to connect with eBay sellers and let them know they’re interested. For sellers, it’s another tool for sellers to use in their business. In the online world, eBay think it’s important for a seller to be able to reach out and say, “I want to make a deal. Let’s make it happen.”

When eBay created ​Best Offer​, they aimed to allowed a buyer to start negotiating on items. eBay say the eBay Seller Initiated Offers are a way to expand that economic opportunity and help eBay sellers do more and work faster. This will enable more engagement between sellers and buyers, embracing eBay’s mission of “driving ecommerce through innovation.”

  • Jim
    1 year ago

    Some will now no longer watch an item for fear of being inundated with sales spam

  • Mark
    1 year ago

    What on earth do eBay think small sellers are making. We have items cut to the bone and the new initiatives is to get us to keep lowering our prices not eBay lowering their FVF percentages so the overall prices can start and stay lower.

    Its all about them them them.

    We removed best offer from all our listings as we were inundated with crazy offers every day £100 items offers of £20 for example

    Look at eBays help for small sellers now.

    1) Lower your prices
    2) Pay us more by promoting your item.
    3) Offer multi buy discounts.

    4) eBay will put fees back to 10% as more sales and natural inflation increases eBays money naturally..
    5) Introducing shipping bands and fees being removed from the shipping.

    Oh sorry forget 4 and 5 that would mean eBay giving up something.

    • 1 year ago

      None are compulsory and really depends on if you are selling at full price or already offering a discount.

      Some sellers are too focused on cutting prices to the bone too be the cheapest., when many buyers are not searching for the lowest price.

      Take a look at many of the arbitrage sellers that have been ripping eBay buyers off for years. They add 60-100% to the Amazon price and have huge feedback ratings selling 3-5000 items a month.

      3) Offer multi buy discounts – I don’t see anything wrong with this.

      We build in a £3.00 FREE delivery cost to each item so can reduce the cost by that per multi buy purchase. This works for us as we sell a lot of items that are £30.00 & under.

    • Bobbins
      1 year ago

      Mark, sounds like you didn’t have your settings to auto-decline offers set up 🤷‍♀️

      These settings are all optional – don’t use it if it doesn’t fit your business.

      I don’t really understand the negativity.

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