Retail Without Borders: Tell us about Cencosud

By Chris Dawson April 11, 2019 - 10:00 am

At Retail Without Borders we spoke to Joaquin Rojas, Head of Marketplace Crossborder and Innovation at Cencosud to find out more about their plans to launch a new South American marketplace this year.

Cencosud is the largest retailer in South America and have operations from department stores and supermarkets to shopping centres and financial businesses in the region. Covering Brazil, Argentina, Chile Peru and Columbia. Their goal is to transform their US$1.5 billion department store business into the Latin American channel where international brands and retailers can connect with their existing customer base.

Joaquin came to Retail Without Borders with the aim of attracting merchants to increase the international selection that will be available to customer in South America. They want to connect their 4 million loyal customers with international sellers. As a retailer, Cencosud stock around 100,000 SKUs but their goal with the marketplace is to increase the selection to 10 million SKUs.

“Cencosud is the landing point for international brands wanting to get into South America”
– Joaquin Rojas, Head of Marketplace Crossborder and Innovation, Cencosud

If you’re interested in 4 million loyal customers with a large retailer led marketplace who have the the customers but are missing the selection, then keep an eye on South America. If you’re interested then currently get in touch with the team at Pentagon who will keep you updated on progress.

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