Retail Without Borders: Tell us about Three Marketplace

By Chris Dawson April 4, 2019 - 12:00 pm

Retail Without Borders was full of new marketplaces and one of the most exciting due to launch later this year is a new Three Marketplace. Yes, that’s Three as in the mobile phone company so we asked Marcus Rohrt, Head of Marketplaces and Affiliates at Three to tell us more.

Marcus has been tasked with building the Three Marketplace for Three customers here in the UK and have partnered with Pentagon to do this. What’s really interesting about this is that, being a network provider, Three already have a subscriber base which they know quite a lot about so there’s a ready audience waiting to be tapped for sales.

Three already know the demographics of their customers, real time information such as location and how much they spend on the network and previous spending information from the Three loyalty programme. Unlike many fledgling marketplaces, the Three Marketplace already has shoppers ready and waiting to be marketed to.

Three are still defining their marketplace offering but already know that they have a high proportion of millennials who are relatively young, eco-conscious with disposable income to spend. This is a superb opportunity to market to a new audience who may not be actively spending on traditional marketplaces but have grown up with a mobile phone in their hand.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Three marketplace and would like to prepare to be a launch merchant, contact Marcus directly at or speak to the guys at Pentagon who will also be able to assist.

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