PayPal on eBay Payments in tests, Google Pay now live

By Chris Dawson April 9, 2019 - 12:15 pm

eBay at last announced the upcoming launch of PayPal on eBay Payments. They now starting to make PayPal available in managed payments, are starting small with a handful of sellers and will continue to test and scale this feature to ensure a seamless and successful seller and buyer experience.

It’s worth noting that with PayPal on eBay Payments the seller won’t have their own PayPal account, all proceeds will flow through eBay Payments and it’s eBay that will be dealing with PayPal. Sellers will have a single point of contact and that will be with eBay removing the need for any too and fro between the two companies when there’s a support issue.

It’s been seven months since eBay Payments launched and with PayPal having been the default payment on option since long before eBay acquired the company back in 2002. This is a move that is likely to encourage more sellers to opt into eBay Payments as with PayPal on eBay Payments there is no need to worry about alienating buyers by forcing them to find a debit or credit card.

In other good news, alongside the announcement of PayPal on eBay Payments eBay confirmed that Google Pay is now live for all buyers alongside the existing payment options – Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards and gift cards.

eBay say that the next step is to continue to build out the experience and the geographies covered, expanding the number of sellers participating in managed payments and give buyers the choices they expect while shopping.

If you consider the addition of PayPal on eBay Payments as a default option that just had to be added, eBay Payments now offers more official payment options than at any time in their past, albeit only through a handful of sellers. One might ask why PayPal never enabled Apple Pay and Google Pay for eBay before? eBay are by the looks of things not just building a PayPal replacement now that they don’t own the payment provider any more but are building a state of the art modern solution that will make the old PayPal experience look like it came from 2002… which of course it did.

That might be a bit harsh on PayPal who are building out solutions not just for their dear departing best friend eBay, but for merchants across the world. It does look like eBay Payments will be better suited for eBay and if nothing else, for the first time in eBay’s history they will have a single sign in for purchasing and for payments. It’s only taken two and a half decades for eBay to get to a this single sign in for buyers. It’s about time.

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