OnBuy Deals revamped with new social promotion

By Chris Dawson April 25, 2019 - 10:58 am have revamped and enhanced OnBuy Deals. Regular visitors to OnBuy will discover a complete overhaul to its Deals page and how deals are featured on the site. Designed to make deals even easier to browse, OnBuy Deals now showcase a wider choice of products available at discounted prices.

To promote the deals, a monthly Deals newsletter and a ‘Deal of the Week’ feature across OnBuy’s social pages are being implemented to bring OnBuy Deals to the attention of a much wider audience.

The revamp is just the tip of the iceberg, for the UK-based company has announced an entire strategic shift in approach by bringing OnBuy Deals to greater prominence within its business strategy. OnBuy Deals is supported by OnBuy’s dedicated team, working with sellers to maximise the choice and number of deals. In addition, the team is initiating a series of robust marketing initiatives to grow awareness of the exceptional deals offered through the OnBuy site.

Naturally we checked out a selection of current OnBuy deals comparing prices with eBay and Amazon. Picking three items at random, the first (a CD) was the available for same price from the same seller as the OnBuy Deal on eBay but was more expensive if you chose to purchase on Amazon. Another (an iPad) was slightly cheaper on eBay but more expensive on Amazon and the third (a fire pit) was significantly cheaper on OnBuy Deals than either of the other marketplaces.

“Thanks to OnBuy’s low fees, our sellers can price their products much more competitively than on other online marketplaces. The revamp of OnBuy Deals serves to make these products even more accessible, enabling a greater number of buyers to enjoy the huge savings only available through OnBuy.”
– Cas Paton, Founder and managing director of OnBuy

The move say OnBuy, is part of an ambitious expansion plan from OnBuy who are aiming to revolutionise online retail across the UK launch into 140 countries by 2022.

Apply to sell on OnBuy Deals

Firstly of course you need to be registered as an OnBuy seller. Then, if your OnBuy account isn’t currently enabled for OnBuy Deals, you will need to submit a support ticket through your Seller Control Panel with details of the products for OnBuy to review – if your products are suitable, OnBuy will then enable access to the OnBuy Deals platform.

To qualify for access to the OnBuy Deals platform, sellers must have products that meet the following criteria:

  • Must have an RRP with a saving of at least 10%
  • Must be the cheapest price across the market
  • Must be a desirable product from a well-known brand with clear sales history and demand
  • Must be a new or refurbished product
  • Must have sufficient stock levels

When the OnBuy team reviews submissions they’ll take into account factors such as product reviews and seasonality as well.

  • BFT
    3 years ago

    I note the reference to OnBuy’s low fees. Looking into it, I see that my category has final value fees of 9% plus VAT, while on Ebay they are 10% plus VAT.
    Not really that much lower are they?

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