Micolet marketplace expands to further European markets

By Sasha Fedorenko April 26, 2019 - 11:17 am

The Spanish Micolet marketplace are set to expand their presence to further European markets, targeting Poland and the Netherlands as their next trading territories.

The move will mark Micolet’s presence in eight European countries. Last year saw Micolet launch their services in Spain, France, Portugal, the US, Italy and Germany.

Co-founder of Micolet Aritza Loroño says that the marketplace achieves the best results in fashion-conscious markets. He says that in France, Micolet sees a growth rate of 50% per month.

Micolet’s operations

Micolet currently boasts more than 200,00 goods on offer, with 1,000 products added for sale daily. The marketplace grows at a rate of 50,000 new users every month. Micolet opened a new warehouse, which reaches 10,000sq meters to support their increasingly expanding operations.

How selling on Micolet works?

Micolet are structured on a commission-based model which deducts a fee from merchants’ accounts each time an item is sold.

The marketplace collects merchants’ second-hand clothes from an agreed location, verifies whether a product is in sellable condition and then lists the given item with pictures on Micolet’s website.

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