ManoMano DIY Marketplace raise €110m for expansion

By Chris Dawson April 10, 2019 - 10:30 am

ManoMano is a French marketplace aimed at the DIY and home vertical. It’s typical of a new breed of marketplaces that, realising the giants like eBay and Amazon have the general marketplace business sewn up, have gone niche and carved out their own territory where they don’t have to compete.

Present in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, ManoMano’s aim is to dominate the European DIY and gardening categories online.

Founded in France ManoMano boast 2.5 million active customers, but still only 25% of their business is outside France and they aim to expand their overseas presence with the new investment. They also want to grow their business with both professionals and consumers. ManoManoPro has been launched to cater for professional buyers.

Recognising the importance of the deliver promise, Mano Fulfillment was launched late last year and is expected to represent 10% of the business by the end of 2019. The proposition is for both French merchants who perhaps don’t have the digital skills and facilities to ship fast and also for overseas merchants from countries like the UK who want to target the French craftsmen and women and consumers.

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ManoMano is a European online marketplace specialising in DIY & gardening supplies.

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