New Hermes Postable Service

By Chris Dawson April 12, 2019 - 10:00 am

In their recent price change announcement, Hermes listed a new Hermes Postable service and today we have more details for you.

SMEs who send small items that will fit through a standard letterbox will be able to take advantage of the brand-new Hermes Postable Service. ‘Postable’ is one of the lowest priced services on the market and has the added benefit of ensuring an almost guaranteed first time delivery rate as the recipient does not need to be home.

Part of Hermes’ ongoing commitment to providing innovative products that benefit both businesses and consumers, theHermes Postable Service is available for business account customers who have a dedicated regular collection, send more than 150 items a week, and is fully trackable. Prices start from £1.80 plus VAT. Items will need to be no more than 23cm wide, 35cm long and 3cm deep, but at least 1 cm deep and no more than 1kg in weight.

Postable is also available for consumers using the Hermes Send service and is the subject of a campaign called #SendMoreLove, which encourages people to show others they care with a personalised and thoughtful gift. Consumers will pay £2.26 including VAT.

“This latest product launch further expands our UK offering to enable more customers to access a premium service that doesn’t cost the earth. Postable is a big step forward for Hermes as we become the consumer’s carrier of choice and we’re pleased that our business customers can now also benefit from this diversity in parcel size and low pricing.”
– Martijn de Lange, CEO, Hermes UK

Hermes Postable Service tips

The new Hermes Postable Service will be ideal for retailers selling relatively heavy but small items. Things that immediately spring to mind at this time of year as DIY sales step up are wrenches, packets of screws or nails, door bolts and other associated sundries sold online. These are all items which will fit through a letter box but, due to their weight, will be relatively expensive to send via competing services. Anything that you sell that’s weighty but postable will probably be suited for the service so check out the service if it’s suitable for your products.

The one thing that you do have to bear in mind is the minimum depth of 1cm. Hermes don’t want to take letter post but rather items which can fly through their automated sortation machinery and still fit through a letter box. They do of course also cater for larger parcels which aren’t postable, but the new Hermes Postable Service offers rates which are second to none for parcels weighing up to 1kg that fit within the size limits.

For the new Hermes Postable Service, Jiffy bags are acceptable, but you may also wish to consider investing in boxes the maximum postable size as anything that fits within them can be sent from £1.80 plus VAT.

  • BFT
    1 week ago

    Just be aware that there is no compensation if they lose these postable parcels. Another pitfall is that the maximum width is 23cm – Royal Mail Large Letter has a max of 25cm. The larger Large Letter boxes forced on us by eBay’s voucher scheme measure 24cm so you will end up with a size penalty charge if you send these through Hermes postable.
    Generally a welcome addition to their service, but with the above reservations.

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