Etsy listing categories and attributes updated based on sellers’ feedback

By Sasha Fedorenko April 1, 2019 - 10:30 am

Etsy have announced new changes to Etsy listing categories and attributes based on seller’s feedback.

Etsy makes regular updates to categories based on merchants’ feedback, changes on Etsy, and their own research on buyers and sellers. Sellers can explore all of Etsy categories here. If sellers can’t see a category that they think best describes their product, they can send a suggestion via a feedback form.

Etsy listing categories April updates

New categories

Etsy have added specific subcategories for Purse Straps in the Bags and Purses category. They have also added a subcategory for Highlighters and Luminisers to the Bath and Beauty category:

Bags and Purses>Handbags

  • Purse Straps

Bath and Beauty>Makeup and Cosmetics> Face

  • Highlighters and Luminisers

New dimension attributes for Home and Living

Sellers can now add dimensions like height, width, and depth to major categories in Home and Living, including Furniture, Home Decor, Lighting, and Storage and Organisation.

Etsy also added dimensions to Art subcategories in addition to image size and overall size for Frames in the Home Decor, Weddings, and Craft Supplies categories.

The new updates to product listing categories and attributes will come into an effect in April. Sellers are encourged to keep proposing new improvements for the website so that Etsy continues to make the best posisible experience for shoppers.

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