15% off eBay Promotion – Could eBay include more sellers?

By Chris Dawson April 29, 2019 - 1:18 pm

eBay are running another 15% off eBay promotion for selected sellers running from 10:00am today, Monday the 29th April, through to 23:59pm on Thursday the 2nd May 2019. This time there are rather more eBay sellers than usual included in the promotion – 61.

Yes that’s 61 sellers out of 200,000 registered businesses on eBay UK. It’s hard to fault eBay for doing marketing to attract more buyers to the site, but the deals are always limited to a tiny proportion of the seller population and that got us thinking – would you want to be part of such a promotion and if so why aren’t you included?

The ‘why aren’t you included’ part is perhaps the easiest to ask – eBay’s marketing team have to contact sellers and sign them up to any promotional deals such as today’s 15% off eBay promotion. Not only does that take time but it also involves contacting sellers who might not be interested in giving deep discounts across their entire range.

So, could a solution be for sellers to sign up in advance and give eBay permission to discount their products in major promotions with no further permission needed? Would you be willing to be heavily promoted alongside today’s 61 sellers because you previously ticked a box giving a maximum discount you’d be willing to offer and then leave eBay to decide on the frequency and suitability of promotions? One caveat might be that you would want any other promotions you have running turned off.

There’s never going to be an easy way for eBay to include thousands of sellers in a promotion unless the process is fully automated, but I do know some sellers who would happily offer deep discounts if it meant their products has been automatically included in today’s eBay promotion.

If you’re interested, the terms for this week’s 15% off eBay Promotion are minimum spend £25, maximum discount £60, one redemption per user and the discount code which you need to enter at checkout is PERCENT15.

Sellers included in PERCENT15 eBay Promotion

ACEparts Performance Lighting
Audio Tech Direct
Autosessive Online Store
BMW Direct Store
Car Parts In Motion
Cloud Nine Furniture
Crampton and Moore
Eagle4x4 Pickup and Van Accessories
Euro Car Parts Store
Express Trainers
Footasylum Outlet
Hi-tech Electronics UK
Home Discount Ltd
Lindens Health and Nutrition
Mattress Haven
mercers furniture
MINI Direct Store
Mountain Warehouse
musicMagpie Shop
NP Autoparts
Nu U Nutrition
Ramair Filters
RTG Automotive UK
Ship it Appliances
Trespass Outlet
UK Kart Store
Wido UK
WJD Store
XS Items Outlet
  • 1 year ago

    It wasnt 61. We were invited to this as well by the “commercial initiative team” it was for specific categories we where invited as part of the “car care and cleaning” category so its specific to businesses that have trending seasonal products on the homepage.

    You can nominate products so this is not the full range, sadly 15% off the retail is just a margin killer in such a highly competitive market.

  • Dave
    1 year ago

    I don’t recall a single time where eBay have contacted us about anything to do with increasing sales on the platform in the 8 years and £1mil+ of selling, apart from the seller release emails.

    Amazon, on the other hand, email and call me at least once a month offering assistance and programs to actively drive sales. Up until the last 24 months or so, Amazon sales were circa 10% of eBay. Now with SFP, Amazon Renewed and a customer support department with direct contacts in the UK that you can actually speak to, Amazon outstrips eBay.

    So yes, eBay could include more sellers, but as far as I can tell, they don’t give a damn.

    • alan paterson
      1 year ago

      there are selling experts at ebay who will be more than happy to give advice on increasing sales on the platform. I think ebay perhaps expect you to be proactive and approach them? the help is there.

      As regards to Amazon and a comparison to ebay – I feel that Amazon is a very black or white platform with a far more clinical approach to seller problems. It often negates the need to reach out to them for support as you already know what the answer is.

      In comparison I feel ebay is far more willing to look at the individual circumstances of the problem and “tailoring” a solution.

      I do feel ebays personal approach to the problem puts them ahead in this area. they dont always get it right but they do TRY and get it right, which is all we can ask of a company.

    • Hi Dave
      I work in eBay Sponsored Commerce Team which supports eBay’s merchants and brands that wish to actively promote their stores on the platform and run e-commerce focus advertising campaigns.
      It will be my pleasure to speak with you about our 1st party advertising; the coupons are in merit of different team but this could be a start.
      Feel free to contact me directly via email
      Kind regards

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