eBay Final Value Fees Promotions for Business Sellers

By Chris Dawson April 25, 2019 - 3:46 pm

There are two eBay Final Value Fees Promotions for business sellers starting today, with the one proviso that you have to be invited to take part.

One promotion offers a 30% discount on fees when offering order discounts for bundled items. The second is a straight capped final value fee at £3 per item for new listings.

30% discount off all eBay final value fees Promotions for items using Order discount

  • Order discount is the simple and flexible way for sellers to create bundle offers on fixed price items
  • To help sellers discover the benefits of using the feature, eBay is offering 30% discount off all final value fees on multi-item orders where Order discount is applied
  • Activation period for the promotion is between 25 – 30 April
  • Promotion period of the offer is between 25 April – 31 May
  • The offer is by invitation only to selected business sellers with a shop subscription

List new items and pay only £3 in eBay final value fees Promotions

  • List new inventory between 25 – 28 April and pay a maximum of £3 in final value fees per listing if those items sell within 30 days of the listing date
  • This is an opportunity for business sellers to sell items that haven’t been listed before
  • Sellers can list up to 100 listings and eBay recommends adding items with a sales price of £30 or more to make the most of the £3 cap on final value fees
  • The offer is by invitation only to selected business sellers

Check your email and eBay My Messages to see if you’ve been invited to take part.

  • Pedant
    4 weeks ago

    Having double checked with my email, I think what you meant to write was pay a MAXIMUM of £3 in final value fees

  • 4 weeks ago

    I really just wish they would allow multi-item discounts to work with variation products.

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