DHL introduces international shipping service for small goods in Germany

By Sasha Fedorenko April 12, 2019 - 5:12 pm

DHL announced yesterday the introduction of international shipping service for small goods. The new solution will be available from the 15th of April for German shippers.

DHL says that the new service, called DHL Päckchen XS International is exclusive to “private customers” wanting to ship small parcels that weigh up to 2kg and are within specified size limits.

The price is €4.89 (£4.21) to other EU countries and €8.89 (£7.66) to all other countries. Shipping labels for the DHL Päckchen XS will be available through DHL’s online franking service, the DHL app or the online franking service in the Deutsche Post shop. The parcels can be dropped off at the more than 28,000 parcel drop-off points throughout Germany, including Deutsche Post retail outlets, DHL Paketshops, DHL Packstations and DHL Paketboxes.

Effective from 1st of January 2019, Deutsche Post have changed their general terms and conditions to prohibit the shipment of goods in international letters. Deutsche Post implemented the Universal Postal Union’s division of international letter content into goods and documents and took the first steps to meet customs and security-related demands from a growing number of countries for electronic registration of shipments that contain goods.

For private customers, DHL offers their DHL Päckchen and DHL Paket products for international shipments of goods as they already satisfy these requirements in the online sector.

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