‘Always think of customers’ needs:’ Jason Zhu of Grace Karin

By Sasha Fedorenko April 3, 2019 - 10:30 am

Always think of customers’ needs, focus on making products according to your shoppers’ needs and preferences” is the advice Jason Zhu of Grace Karin gives to sellers who wish to succeed in 2019.

Speaking to Tamebay, Jason Zhu general public manager of Grace Karin says that the Chinese marketplace seller started as a result of ecommerce clothing industry boom back in 2013. Grace Karin was initially selling hand-made evening dresses and later expanded their offering to a broader range. In 2013, Jason says that the expansion of their product range came as a result of analysing their customers’ data and understanding what their customers want.

Pointing to the importance of standing out of the competition, Jason says that the customer data is the key. With increased competition, says Jason, we asked ourselves – how can we differentiate our brand? The focus fell on restructuring operations. Grace Karin looked into a number of things starting from improving the sizing and quality of their fabrics to recruiting more employees and partnering with reliable suppliers.

Challenges and opportunities as a brand and marketplace seller

Grace Karin sell on five Amazon EU sites including UK, DE, FR, IT, ES as well as Amazon’s US and Japanese marketplaces and on own their website. The challenge of cross-border trade is the difference in sizing. The clothing industry is unforgivable of mistakes, so if a customer receives a long-awaited product which is a wrong size – the chances of them not returning to purchase again are high. On the other hand, ecommerce presents significant opportunities for international sellers, who often have unique and exclusive goods up their sleeve. Also, the advantages of machine learning (ML), says Jason, bring benefits to the brand of mirroring their products with their customers’ style.

Individuality as a competitive edge

Jason says fashion isn’t about blindly following the trend but building a unique brand. He says that the brands’ products represent their customers’ individual styles. The creative inspiration comes from listening to their customers and addressing fashion concerns. Grace Karin are about creating a unique style that strikes at the heart of their clientele.

Delivery promise

Grace Karin have partnered with leading logistics companies including DHL, EMS, UPS and EUB to deliver to their products to customers globally. When it comes to their delivery promise, Jason says that the delivery wait is usually within 7 to 15 days.

When asked about Grace Karin’s strategy for this year, Jason said that they’re focusing on the ongoing quest to improving the sizing and product quality.

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