Amazon Brand+ incubator program for Chinese Sellers

By Chris Dawson April 4, 2019 - 10:41 am

More than a dozen well-known Chinese brands have recently launched online stores through Amazon Brand+ to sell in Europe and North America. These are well known brands domestically in China, although not well known to the West.

You’ll start to see Chinese brands including Baique Ling, Huili, Xtep, Xiangshan, Jie Liya, Dapu and Hikvision, as well as online emerging brands, Zhiyun, and a manufacturer Tineco listing on Amazon in the UK, Europe and US in the skin care, clothing, sports, home, home appliances, high-tech and other product categories.

More and more Chinese brands have begun to turn their attention to overseas markets, but they have entered the international market in the traditional offline mode, facing many problems such as sales channels, market environment differences between China and foreign countries, and cross-border logistics. In order to help Chinese brands solve the increasingly urgent problems of branding, Amazon Global opened its doors with global resources to provide complete solutions for Chinese companies to go online.

The assistance comes through Amazon Global Stores China offering assistance to these sellers through the Amazon Brand+ program, which mirrors their Amazon Fashion+ incubator program for Chinese Sellers. Amazon are offering global resources and cross-border ecommerce export experience to provide complete solutions for Chinese companies, including product launch, warehousing logistics, brand promotion and more.

In response to the demand of Chinese companies to build international brands, Amazon launched the Brand+ project at the end of 2018, offering brand positioning, registration and protection, to brand awareness promotion, and cultivating loyal customers. Companies that want to build international brands, including traders, manufacturers and brands, offer customized solutions that fully support their layout and deepen their overseas markets. The Brand+ program will serve the well-known Chinese companies that have recently launched, as well as tailor-made brand-building solutions based on different needs and development stages of the company to help Chinese companies build international brands in a more efficient manner.

“Trans-border e-commerce exports have become one of the important engines for the continued development of China’s foreign trade. The global business layout is the trend of the times, and Chinese companies are now entering the golden age of branding. Amazon Global Store is dedicated to helping Chinese companies develop export e-commerce business, expand international markets, build international brands, and continue to help Chinese companies enhance their brand competitiveness and accelerate global business layout.”
– Cindy Tai, head of Asia Pacific’s Asia-Pacific store

  • 10 months ago

    It would be nice if Amazon worked with US sellers to the extent that it does Chinese sellers. It appears more and more everyday as though after itself, Amazon gives preference to Chinese sellers.

    My clients do not source from China at all, yet the majority of new sellers source form Alibaba. They minimize their ability to differentiate themselves by sourcing the same products from the same manufacturers located within a sharing economy. They expect Chinese businesses to conduct business as Americans do and that is an unreasonable expectation.

    Amazons love affair with the Chinese created and fuels the ongoing hijacker problem, yet Amazon does nothing substantial to stop them. I don’t blame the Chinese at all. Amazon should have understood the cultural differences going in and put in safeguards.

    Walmart doesn’t seem to have the hijacking problems that Amazon does. Sure Amazon has started some initiatives for Us sellers, but nothing like the training and special zones being offered in China. I think it is just another step in Amazons eventual move to work directly with manufacturers and ship overnight from China on Amazon Prime Air cutting out the seller completely.

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