Amazon Advertising in Australia now live

By Chris Dawson April 29, 2019 - 10:29 am

Amazon have launched their first advertising programs in Australia. With Amazon Advertising in Australia, agencies and advertisers, regardless of whether or not they sell on Amazon, can deliver relevant messages to customers on and off Amazon, throughout their customer journey.

Merchants need not get too excited yet, Amazon Sponsored Products and Amazon Sponsored Brands haven’t been included in the Amazon Advertising in Australia roll out yet. The three programs available are Amazon Display Ads, Amazon Video Ads and Amazon DSP. These advertising options are more suited for brands and advertising agencies and can include links both to products on Amazon as well as off Amazon websites.

Amazon Advertising in Australia options

You can find out more about Amazon Advertising in Australia options on the Amazon Australia website.

Amazon Display Ads

Display ads are available in a variety of formats and you can use your own creative, or Amazon can build ads for you.

Customers can see display ads on Amazon websites, apps, and devices, as well as sites and apps not owned by Amazon. You don’t need to sell your products on Amazon to buy display ads—customers can be taken to a product page, a Store, a custom landing page, or an external website.

Businesses can buy display ads whether or not they sell products on Amazon. Self-service Amazon DSP (See below for information on DSP) users can buy and manage their own display campaigns, while those seeking a managed-service option can work with our ad consultants. The managed-service option typically requires a minimum spend of £10,000.

Amazon Video Ads

Businesses can buy video ads whether or not they sell products on Amazon. Self-service Amazon DSP users can buy and manage their own video campaigns, while those seeking a managed-service option can work with our ad consultants. Amazon Video Ads can carry your brand message within high-quality content across the web and in trusted environments including on Amazon sites.

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP – Amazon demand-side platform – provides advanced tools for buying ad placements both on and off Amazon. DSP enables you to programmatically reach your audiences across both Amazon-owned sites and apps, like IMDb, and leading publishers’ sites through direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges.

This is Amazon’s foray into the world of Google Advertising and enables advertisers to place creatives on a growing number of platforms. There are self-service and managed-service options are available with Amazon DSP. Self-service customers are in full control of their campaigns, and there are no management fees. The managed-service option is a great solution for companies that want access to Amazon DSP inventory with white glove service or those with limited programmatic experience.

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