Reminder: Amazon Pay Promo sign up before 26th March

By Chris Dawson March 20, 2019 - 3:39 pm

There’s just one week left to take advantage of the Amazon Pay Spring special offer which we wrote about in February. If you sign up and process your first payment before Tuesday the 26th of March you can get three months free payment processing.

Even if you already offer a payments solution on your website, there’s no harm in adding Amazon Pay as an alternative – at worst no one will use it but at best you might attract and retain customers who would prefer to use payment credentials they already have stored on Amazon. Perhaps the de facto default is PayPal and/or a merchant banking facility for debit and credit cards, but there are millions of consumers who already use Amazon and may choose to use Amazon Pay if it was on offer.

If you Activate Amazon Pay before the 26th of March 2019, Amazon will waive your fees for April, May and June. The fees that will be waived for this promotion include processing and authorisation fees up to £5,000 – it’s only if your Amazon Pay fees for the three months exceed £5,000 that you’ll start to pay (that’s £5,000 in fees, not payment volume). With a processing fee of 3.4% or less for higher volumes plus an authorisation fee of 20p per transaction, you could process well in excess of £100k worth of transactions for free.

This promotion is valid only for new Merchants, registering after 1st Feb 2019 and resident in the United Kingdom. There are a few terms and conditions you’ll need to fulfil.

The most onerous requirement is that you must process your first payment by the 26th of March. One couldn’t possibly suggest that if you are running out of time that you could get your mum or best friend to make a purchase in order to qualify.

If you’d like to apply for fee free Amazon Pay this spring, sign up on the Amazon Pay Spring Break Promotion landing page here.

  • Kevin
    2 years ago

    What Tamebay might also be interested in which links to this article. Amazon and Worldpay today announced a partnership to offer Amazon Pay as a payment method for millions of its merchants.

    I presume the way worldpay will sell this to millions of merchants is that Amazon has over a 100 million prime members all of which have their payment details lodged with Amazon. Which will enable no messing with and time consuming putting in payment details. It will be a one click payment using Amazon pay. Which will then reduce the amount of shopping cart abandoment.

    World pay will sell this new service to merchants in that it will reduce shopping cart abandonment and it will also create more chances of impulse buying.

    Amazon won’t actually itself make much money out of the service because of it charges the merchants %3.4 and the banks charge Amazon %2 for using their cards such as Visa, that leaves %1.4 for Amazon per transaction which will then have to be split with World pay on a 50-50 basis will leave Amazon with %0.7 for every transaction.

    It has just been released today the press release with regard to worldpay and Amazon pay.

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