Primark and Disney team up to bring experiential retail

By Sasha Fedorenko March 28, 2019 - 10:30 am

Primark and Disney have teamed up to bring experiential retail to Primark’s new physical store in Birmingham. It will feature the Disney cafe and street food of the city.

The introduction of the engaging elements highlights the retailer’s determination to attract shoppers to traditional retail, without relying on online support.

Speaking to Retail Week, Paul Marchant, CEO of Primark emphasised on the attractiveness of the 160,000 sq new store, which will open to the public on 11th of April. He simply named it: “the latest jewel in the crown.”

Primark is built on “amazing fashion and amazing prices. However, Paul said it isn’t enough when it’s raining and cold on a Saturday morning to give shoppers a reason to jump out of bed and go shopping. He explained that with such factors consumers rather “stay at home, watch Netflix and stay cosy.”

Pointing to the importance of experiential retail, Paul said that shoppers want to feel excited and inspired by a trip to shops.

When asked about the future plans, Paul said that the retailer could start offering click-and-collect as a way to increase footfall. However, Paul added that it would mean that the solution has been proven to be financially viable.

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