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By Chris Dawson March 11, 2019 - 11:50 am

You might think it strange to pay a marketplace to manage Google Shopping Ads to drive traffic to your marketplace listings, after all why wouldn’t you drive traffic to your own website? But some sellers class Etsy as their home on the web and so driving traffic with Etsy Google Shopping Ads makes sense… until they get their own website.

Additionally, Etsy do give sellers free Shopping Engine Ads but you don’t get to choose which products are promoted, when they are promoted or where they are promoted. Etsy have recently revealed that the UK is performing strongly and more interestingly that over 50% of Etsy sales within the UK are from a UK buyer to a UK seller. With this in mind if you decide to invest in Etsy Google Shopping Ads it may make sense to target your ads to UK buyers rather than globally.

Before you set up Etsy Google Shopping Ads, you’ll likely to already be using Etsy Promoted Listings which we discussed here. Etsy Promoted Listings are a cost per click model giving your listings greater visibility on the Etsy site to existing Etsy buyers, whereas Etsy Google Shopping Ads will appear on Google’s advertising platform to attract buyers not currently on Etsy.

NB If you start your own Google Shopping campaign, you’re opting out of the Google portion of Etsy’s Shopping Engine Ads. This is something to consider if you’re not willing to optimise your campaign, but opting out and running your own campaign gives you greater control on which listings are promoted and to which territories. If you pause or end your Etsy Google Shopping ads, you’ll automatically be re-enrolled in Etsy’s free Shopping Engine Ads.

With Etsy Google Shopping Ads, you set a daily budget and Etsy optimise and manage your campaign within the parameters you select. Etsy submits the listings you want to promote to Google using data that Google can read and process. When shoppers search for items on Google, the search engine looks for items that most closely match their searches.

Similarly to Etsy Promoted Listings, Google will take into account how much you’re willing to pay for each click (your bid) and how likely a buyer is to click on it (listing quality).

You’ll need to set a budget for your campaign, Google Shopping ads are charged per click, and those charges are based on each of your listings’ bids. Your daily budget is an average and it may fluctuate by 100% for a given day. Some days you may spend under, and other days you may go over. This is because Google tries to maximise your return on investment by showing your ads more often on days when search traffic is higher. As long as your daily budget is consistent, your monthly spend will not go above your budget for the month.

Countries that you can target your Etsy Google Shopping Ads to are: United States; Canada; United Kingdom; Germany; France; and Australia.

You can get started with Etsy Google Shopping Ads here.

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