eBay tell Chinese sellers: ‘Stop location abuse now’

By Chris Dawson March 8, 2019 - 10:10 am

eBay have announced to Chinese Sellers that they must comply with the eBay overseas warehouse policy with immediate effect. eBay are requiring sellers to take immediate action and amend their UK overseas warehouse location settings to China if they are lying and stop cheating buyers with location abuse. Location abuse also impacts sellers as buyers are tricked into buying items shipping from China, thinking that the items will arrive quickly from the UK.

eBay have given Chinese sellers two options – one is if they genuinely do use a UK overseas warehouse and the second is for those location abusers who do not actually use the UK overseas warehouse to deliver but lie and say that they do.

eBay edict for Chinese sellers who genuinely use UK Fulfilment Warehouse services

eBay are ordering Chinese sellers to ensure that the handling time set by the UK overseas warehouse is no more than 2 working days, and the number of delivery time promised by the logistics option is not more than 3 working days.

If sellers can’t mean eBay’s British Overseas warehouse commitments listing may be removed. eBay say that they may check the shipping settings of the overseas warehouse registration at any time without notice.

Banned shipping options for Chinese sellers

Delivery Estimate

UK Other Courier 5
Other Courier 5 Days 5
Collect+ Economy Tracked 5
BPost International Parcel 7
TRAKPAK from outside UK 8
Standard Shipping From China/Hong Kong/Taiwan to Worldwide 19
Economy Shipping From China/Hong Kong/Taiwan to Worldwide 35

eBay are pretty much telling Chinese sellers that if they claim to have their goods in a UK warehouse then they must be able to delivery within 5 days made up of a combined 2 day handling time and 3 day delivery estimate. Previously it was normal for Chinese location abusers to claim a three day handling time and 5 day courier giving them up to a week to deliver.

Chinese sellers with stock genuinely in the UK will have no problem getting their fulfilment house to ship within two days using a one or two day courier or postal service. Those who don’t will find it nigh on impossible to comply and if they carry on lying and committing location abuse then their on-time delivery metric will swiftly reveal the truth – especially with the requirement that 50% of orders must have a delivery scan no more than 5 days after payment.

eBay edict for Chinese sellers who lie about using a UK Fulfilment Warehouse service

eBay have instructed Chinese location abusers to immediately update their item location to the genuine location. They say that accounts that use fake overseas locations will be subject to strict sales restrictions.

  • English speaker
    3 years ago

    ffs illiteratebay, you’re getting worse.
    reads like it was written by a Chinese location abuses.

    • Jay
      3 years ago

      As does your comment.

  • Andarina
    3 years ago

    Well,yes, naturally,if the warehouse is in the UK,then there is no reason to wait longer than five days,before receiving your items!!

  • 3 years ago

    been victim to this many many times think your buying from the uk but your not then they mess you about so i am glad ebay are doing this eventually.

  • 3 years ago

    Is there really any chinese sellers actually shipping from the uk?

    At xmas i counted the same seller with 19 accounts all claiming to be in London. Manchester. Leeds. U name it they where all over the uk….only issue was tbey had a 3 week delivery windows

  • R.S.
    3 years ago

    I am so happy they do that. That will mean a fair competition, having similar shipping costs and handling fees. Also better for buyers waiting much less. Good job eBay!

  • 3 years ago

    Wonders will never cease. Do my eyes deceive me

    Just an update the Chinese sellers I follow have now changed their dispatch to 5 days.

    Lets see how they workaround this rule???

    • 3 years ago

      Not enough! Chinese sellers you are following must also change their warehouse settings from UK to China mainland or Hongkong!

      Too good to be the truth but it looks like its happening 🙂

  • jim
    3 years ago

    hope they police this better than the image conditions,

    • 3 years ago


      Do they have to change item location to china….is that what ebay have confirmed

  • Billy
    3 years ago

    Yes, Derek. and if they don’t comply with eBay they can get their account closed. One other disadvantage they will be facing is the seller service metric.

    Even is some sellers can achieve 5 days bang on delivering they will still fall behind service matric and end up paying more fees to eBay so this will give little extra competition boost for UK seller against the Chinese sellers. I think is fair.

  • 3 years ago

    The 3 chinese sellers im following are still saying item location Manchester. London and Leeds.

    I have reported them before. Is there a better way to report them to Ebay. Those Chinese sellers destroyed my xmas sales with their lies

    • Billy
      3 years ago

      I read on eBay chine ( seller university ) Although eBay asking Chinese sellers to correct their shipping location settings and shipment method immediately they will wait till the middle of April. Perhaps to see their service metrics so we will see small changes this month but starting from the middle of April till the end of April we should see most china sellers either disappeared from UK site or change locations or they have to come up with new tricks to cheat the system but it looks like this time they hit the wall!

      After April you don’t need to report them it will take a few late shipments to get their listings removed or some cases account restrictions ( according to eBay).

    • 3 years ago

      You’re spot on Billy – eBay are requiring the change immediately.

      The next assessment will be early April. At this point any sellers not meeting the requirements for overseas warehouses will get a warning. If they don’t improve eBay have said they’ll hammer their accounts to death (although not quite in those words!)

    • Julius Oliveti
      3 years ago

      The new evaluation period for this started yesterday and will end on April 6. If it’s just like UK DSR’s for late delivery, they will start seeing their metrics affected adversely in a week or so.

      They then have the following choices:

      1. Change stock location to China. This will mean demoted in search and probably unable to use sponsored products (I am seeing sponsored products trending rates falling already).

      2. Gamble nothing will happen. Remember go into any casino in the world and 50% of the clientele will be Chinese. I reckon most will adopt this. The issue for them is that there is NO escape from the algo. It will find them.

      3. Move stock back to the UK, pay VAT on sales and use a UK fulfilment centre.

      Whatever they do they have to move fast because eBay have said they are taking drastic action. They won’t tell me what exactly but I am hoping closure of accounts.

  • 3 years ago

    I thought if the item arrives within 5 days they have nothing to worry about as the main metric when a buyer leaves Feedback…. says did the item arrive before x date…..Buyer answers yes or no.

    Am i missing something

    • 3 years ago

      80% of orders must be despatched within 2 working days of the order being received, 80% of orders must ship on a 3 day or faster courier service, 50% of orders must have a delivery scan no more than 5 days after payment and eBay wants tracking numbers even for large letters as they’ll have 2D barcodes if shipped from a fulfilment house.

      eBay are also requiring genuine UK carrier tracking numbers – internal “tracking” numbers from dodgy fulfilment houses are no longer acceptable.

      Arrival is not good enough – despatch tracking will get the liars and cheats.

    • 3 years ago

      It is possible to ship from China to the UK within 5 days, but it’d be too expensive to absorb the cost and if they pass the cost on to the buyer by raising prices, they will price themselves out of the market.

      That’s the theory anyway. Hopefully it will work.

  • Toby
    3 years ago

    Thank god for this…. Hopefully it will reduce the issue where you search UK only to avoid all the Chinese spam listings…. Only to get several pages of Chinese spam listings. The clue for me is that 99p free delivery item that would need to go as a rm small parcel!!
    If only you could exclude certain countries instead of huge geographical areas!

  • PAUL S
    3 years ago

    I have no faith in ebay’s ability to enforce this policy or any other policy.

  • Blart Jones
    3 years ago

    So how will eBay recoup all the lost revenue from all the suspended Chinese sellers? More fee hikes I suspect. This should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

      3 years ago

      eBay will currently be losing buyer traffic and confidence.
      There are more than enough domestic sellers in the UK or other respective ‘home markets’ to meet demand. We are probably all at a slightly higher price due to complying with vat laws. eBay is likely to make more from us via higher FVF’s and also keep buyer confidence up with less sellers but better sellers.

      This is like eBay having a Jerry Maguire moment

  • BFT
    3 years ago

    Another problem faced by genuine UK sellers, is the fact that Chinese postage is heavily subsidised by somebody (RM, Chinese Government?)
    I purchased an item for £1.99 with free p+p, delivered from China. If I want to ship this same item 1 mile down the road from here, it would cost me £2.79. How can we compete with that?
    To rub salt in, the item was fake and faulty.

  • ER
    3 years ago

    It sounds good, but is it good? Proof will be in pudding. Jaded from previous Ebay announcements on policies to help us good/legitimate sellers. Nothing ever comes from it.

    What about all the tax dodgers, selling on Ebay masquerading as private sellers while selling brand new items? Or all the drop-shippers, who don’t have anything in stock, without clearly telling customers?

    If Ebay was serious about supporting legitimate sellers offering good service, then they would do something about those. But I suspect Ebay want the FVFs more…

    And as mentioned above, Chinese and Asian sellers can send tracked items significantly cheaper than any of us. The cheapest worldwide tracked service available to me is £7.15 for items below 100g. They’ll still come out cheaper even when sending/stocking from China.

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